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Nicole Dickson is the daughter of Vivian Dickson-Morato. Growing up in Casa de Campo, Nicole watched as her mother expertly balanced the demands of her job as executive assistant to Claudio Silvestri, president of Casa de Campo, with raising a family.

Today a mother herself, as well as the manager of the Emilio Robba Art Studios in Altos de Chavon, Nicole is striving to be and give everything that her mother is and has been for her.

This Sunday May 25th is Mother’s Day in the Dominican Republic, so in celebration of all the fabulous Casa de Campo mothers we have here, we asked a few members of our community, “what is it that makes your mom so special?” We hope you enjoy this celebration of those very special people who gave us life!

@cdcliving: What makes you feel so proud of your mother?

Her inner strength and her courage. She motivated me and made me the human being and mother I am today. Thanks to her daily example I have a guide to be something amazing and to not settle in life…to be more, without forgetting those who love me and need me.

@cdcliving: What makes your mother special? (Different from the rest)

Her young spirit, her open mind, how intelligent and modern she is, her sense of humor even during the saddest of times. Mom is a teenager inside an adult body.

In reality if we had the money and the tools at this moment, we could conquer the world. She’s an entrepreneur and fully supports her children. She does not know what giving up means.

@cdcliving: What does your mother do best?

My mother had me, the eldest of 4 siblings at a very young age (17 years old) and since then the only thing she has known to do is sacrifice her own happiness for mine and that of my siblings.

For my mother, seeing us sad means sadness for her. She reminds me constantly, with every advice and every action, that she would be capable of not only giving her youth, but her whole life for us. And she does so indeed, she has given us all the things that some people only dream of…even if she didn’t have the means.

She would rather sacrifice her own goals. She is very brave because although she did not have much, she ventured into the world on her own to give me and my siblings a better life and better future.

I believe there are many mothers that work hard day in and day out, but the difference is that my mother has only known to focus on her children and what is best for them. She works at it with the same intensity as she did when she started. She is still always looking for ways to make us happy and to show us how much she loves us, from crying with a song from The Carpenters, because it reminds her of the day I was born… to spend the day calling me only to know I am breathing. She is a very loving, hardworking woman that always pays attention to details and I think I will never have enough to thank her, except of course being happy.

She always takes the time to give us advice, to talk to us when we need her, the words “I can’t” do not exist in my mother’s vocabulary… she is always there for us. What my mother does best… is being there even when she can’t.

Vivian with Nicole, Nicole with her daughter Emily! Identical! 

@cdcliving: In what ways do you think you resemble your mother?

Physically I am my mother’s carbon copy. Also in the fact we are artists and are looking for ways to express ourselves everyday, in being compassionate for others and helping without asking anything in return.

We have the same laugh, we enjoy the same music, dancing, in our courage and not being afraid of taking risks while being smart about them.

In my family the women seem to all be the clone of the other. She is madly in love with my daughter, Emily, and says that she reminds her very much of me.

@cdcliving: Do you perform any activities with your mother in your free time? Which ones?

We spend a lot of time on the beach, we love the sea. We love to spend time together with my daughter Emily at home, play, take her out for a stroll. My mother is a highly educated and intelligent woman and we spend a lot of time talking and day dreaming.

I love to listen to my mother’s experiences, know the books she’s reading, we talk about science (she is a maddened science-fiction fan), also about other countries and cultures. We meditate a lot about other people’s situations, always thinking about what we have and how grateful we are, and how we can add to our spiritual lives. I think what we do most is talk and come up with ideas, make plans and do them together… One more thing, she doesn’t know this, but I am her #1 fan.

@cdcliving: How do you view Mother’s Day now that you are a mother? Has it made you view your mother in a different way?

I understand the inner strength that my mother possesses and how, despite the adversities, she has been capable of getting up each time and move forward for her children. My daughter is everything to me, and now I understand what I mean to my mother and what she’d be capable of doing for me. A woman is not complete until she is a mother, for mothers really know what unconditional love for another human being means…even more than we love ourselves.