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The Motomami World Tour started last month in Spain and has fascinated all who have gone to the various concerts thanks to the production, the staging, the choreography, and recently because of a new song she premiered at one of them ‘Despechá’.  The single that Rosalía released has quickly become a favorite and is deemed to be the song of the summer.

Earlier this year Rosalía, announced her first world tour, Motomami World Tour, a series of 46 concerts in 15 countries for this year 2022, beginning in her native Spain, in Almería, on July 6, and ending on December 18 in Paris. She has surprised her Dominican fans by announcing that she also added the Altos de Chavón amphitheater as part of the tour and will be performing on September 3rd, a concert that will be produced by Gamal Haché and Live Nation. 

Photo by QUIQUE GARCIA/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock Rosalia in concert in Barcelona, Spain – 07 Dec 2019
Photo by QUIQUE GARCIA/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock Rosalia in concert in Barcelona, Spain – 07 Dec 2019

Rosalia has been taking the music world by storm over the last year and has even appeared as a musical guest for the March 12 episode of Saturday Night Live. The Spanish singer-songwriter has been performing for more than a decade and has won numerous awards.

Her latest album, Motomami has provided an expansive and offbeat album that seeks to erase previous conventional lines that define different cultures, genres, gender roles, and more, providing a deeply personal and modern musical duality self-portrait of a strong, innovative, and proudly feminine young woman that takes her audience on a seductive and multifaceted musical journey.

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The concerts have received raving reviews and the expectations of the artist continue to be high, thanks to the good reception that her album which is breaking records and in which she tackles everything from classic reggaeton to flamenco, boleros, the rapid verb of American female rappers or jazz interludes. To buy your tickets for the show you can visit, or as announced by the promoters.

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