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New Years Eve 2011: Our guide to Casa de Campo’s best parties!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! New Years Eve in Casa de Campo is PHENOMENAL!! Until you have welcomed the New Year with numerous champagne toasts, whilst boat hopping in Palmilla, then danced the night away until sunrise over Playa Minitas – you have not truly partied!  Make the most of your New Years Eve in Casa de Campo, with our useful guide…..

Although there are many ways and means to celebrate the arrival of a New Year, if you are lucky enough to be in Casa de Campo, this is my suggested time-line for the day:

1. PALMILLASO! Boat Party at Palmilla

The boat party (otherwise known as PALMILLASO) in Palmilla is simply unmissable! Literally hundreds, possibly thousands of Casa de Campo villa owners and their guests head to Palmilla – a beautiful natural swimming pool/sand bank and partying hot-spot! On New Years Eve, Palmilla will be literally over-run with boats of all sizes, and champagne swilling party animals. There will be music blaring from each and every boat, with several who may even have their own DJ – on New Years Eve, Palmilla is THE place to be seen.

11am – 7pm

Palmilla (30 mins along the coast from the Marina Casa de Campo)

 To get to Palmilla you have to go by boat

Not got your own boat?

Don’t worry Casa de Campo Living has a catamaran – so you can join our party!

2. Dinner with family and friends (9:00pm – 12:30am)
After a long hard day partying at Palmilla, you will no doubt  share a New Years Eve dinner with your family – whether you dine at a private Casa de Campo villa or at one of Casa de Campo’s fine restaurants you’re bound to have a good time. At this point don’t worry about rushing off to Minitas for the stroke of midnight – spend that magical moment with your family – the next party doesn’t really get going until 1:00am anyway! So good New Years Eve dining options are:

New Years Eve Special Menus at La Piazzetta, La Caña, La Casita, the Beach Club by Le Cirque and Chinois!
Click here for details!

“Suckling Pig stuffed with Mofongo” – the perfect speciality dish to serve at your Casa de Campo villa.
Click here for details! 

3. Praia Party and Playa Minitas (12:30am-7am)

From the high of Palmilla to the slight lull at dinner – the Praia Beach party at Minitas Beach, is the place to kick the New Year’s party back into high gear! This year’s party we predict will get started around 1:00am with various DJ’s, live music and fireworks. Entrance is USD$100 per person (open bar). Party until sunrise!

Click here for more details!

4. Buffet Breakfast at the Lago Grill!

The best and only way to really recover from so much excessive partying is to join the early morning golfers for breakfast at Casa de Campo’s “Lago Grill” – don’t worry about getting changed, just go straight there in your party clothes. Trust me you won’t be the only girl hobbling about barefoot looking slightly dishevelled – I’ll be there too!

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NOTE: This year, breakfast will also be available at the Beach Club by Le Cirque – which within stumbling distance from the party, may become the new popular place to breakfast on New Years Day. Shame it’s just a “continental” breakfast, I’ll still be hitting the Lago Grill – croissants are no substitue for bacon and eggs!
Click here for more about the breakfast at the Beach Club.

Casa de Campo Living and CasaLife look forward to seeing you through every step of the party! I have my camera ready!


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