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New Years Eve 2010: Party at Playa Minitas

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New Year’s Eve 2010 was AWESOME from boat to beach and we have the photos to prove it….

For most (or many rather) the New Years Eve celebrations started on a boat (or several) at Casa de Campo’s favourite party spot Palmilla, was followed by (for those sober enough) a dinner or party with the family and ended with the legendary beach party by Praia on Minitas Beach.

[For photos of Palmilla click here.]

This year (due to CasaLife commitments and an unbelievably awesome private party) we arrived at the beach party at 4am – a little late, but with the party still in full swing! Judging from the over-spill parking situation the crowd of swaying gyrating bodies enjoying the party – there must have been more than 2,000 people there! It was like a giant outdoor nightclub!

Photos of the scene:

Sadly it seems my stamina for partying long hours is wearing rather thin and so after a reasonable about of dancing and a complete ‘lap’ of the area to meet and greet everyone we retired to the Beach Club by Le Cirque to drink champagne and eat pasta in relative peace and quiet!

And this year we didn’t even stay up to watch the sunrise! What can I say it was a tough day of partying in Palmilla!

Here are my photos of the New Years Eve Party 2010 by Praia:

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