The new way to surf in Casa!


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Casa de Campo is known for being a place where locals can move easily. The streets are safe, clean and smooth, and there are many ways of getting around— biking, driving a golf cart, skating, walking and more. This summer, the resort has added to its list of fun and secure ways to move around… say hello to hoverboards!!

hoverboardHoverboards are a self-balancing scooter, usable my almost any age and location imaginable. Several of our residents have been trying them out and using them on the weekends to experience new ways to move around the place they call home. The best thing about the device is that it allows you to be outside, breathing in the fresh air of the Caribbean and enjoying the views while getting you where you need to be. Children and teenagers can be outside more too, picking up a new hobby this summer than just TV and video games!

A great example of a community member who can be seen around the resort on his hoverboard is Robert Birtel. Robert says he uses it to go to work, and he and his daughter Eleanor sometimes even ride together! It’s as much functional as it is a cool toy for families. You can ride all the way in La Marina to the last dock near SBG, through the golf courses to catch sight of a sunset, or to the beach for a day at Minitas!

It’s a great way to practice self-balancing skills and exercise outdoors. While another advantage is that it contributes to a healthy environment, helping our home stay clean and fresh just like we like it. It’s eco-friendly nature allows riders to go up to 65km on a single charge! Summertime in Casa de Campo is beautiful with clear blue skies and a natural breeze, why wouldn’t you want to ride around on a hoverboard?!

This article was contributed by Jessica Duffield.

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