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Like TODO Casa de Campo, our magazine and locals’ guide to the resort, is our online calendar of events where you can find everything happening in and around Casa de Campo. SILGON sparked a clever pun when first naming this bilingual editorial: TODO, which refers to “to do” in English at the same time its Spanish translation is “all.” Through TODO we let you know what there is for you to enjoy the week, weekend, plan a trip, view a tournament, visit an exhibition, party, and dine out at special events. And now it looks better than ever!

The all-inclusive calendar caters to varied interests and showcases events and activities pertaining to our community. No where else can you find such an extensive calendar of resort, community, business, and brand-related events in Casa de Campo. We recently noticed it needed some TLC (tender, love and care) so SILGON, the modern media company that runs and owns Casa de Campo Living, revamped it with a cleaner design that will make it easier than ever for you to consult and ADD EVENTS to the TODO Casa de Campo Calendar yourself. What’s best is that these events are automatically viewed in Casa de Campo Living (See that pretty calendar on the right? —- >) and the print edition of TODO Casa de Campo which is published 4 times a year.

We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase, New Year, New Me. Well, that was exactly the motto we used in designing the new Now you can submit your feedback, events, and even business details to connect with a larger audience. At the top of the website in the menu bar, simply click “SUBMIT” to be directed to a self-explanatory online form and fill in the details. We’re happy to hear from you and love feedback! We encourage you to add anything going on in and around Casa de Campo which might be of interest. With strong ties all over the island, we know our readers want to know everything accessible for our community TO DO.

So contribute, let us know about your event so we can promote and cover it, give us feedback, introduce your business in our directory, or just browse around to keep-up in Casa. Because let’s be honest, there is no such thing as too much TO DO in Casa de Campo!


What is it?:

An online calendar of all the upcoming events and activities in and around Casa de Campo

Where can I see it?

Visit, check out the calendar widget on the right hand column of Casa de Campo Living or The Weekly (e-newsletter) which we encourage you to sign up to,  or IN PRINT every 3 months (distributed in and around Casa de Campo).

How do I submit an event?

We would love to have your event (or one you know about and think people should not miss!) up on the calendar. Feel free to visit and click on SUMBIT EVENT. We will get an email notifying our your entry, will review it, and then authorize it to be published! Please email us at if you would like us to cover the event too!

How do I submit my business to be included in the DIRECTORY?

Same link as above, but click on SUBMIT BUSINESS.