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Hello all! Have you missed us? We’re sure you’ve been dying without us to tell you the latest scoop on what is going on in Casa de Campo.

After having been somewhat absent from the blogging scene for a while, we’re back to keep you informed on what is happening in Casa de Campo, and any juicy little tid-bits that could be of interest.

Here is the quick and dirty update (more to come soon):

Altos de Chavon: There is new life coming to Altos. We are happy to see this, as it seemed for so long that Altos had really become an abandoned Roman city. But now, there are many new and interesting things happening… we long for the days of being able to go from restaurant to bar to club to bar…. With such an amazing atmosphere, we are glad to see so many good things coming.

  • Onnos Tapas Bar – There is a new bar opening. This bar, which has an amazing ambiance and is located right outside the Amphitheater, will have an impressive selection of drinks – with incredible prices! The ambiance is relaxed yet trendy, with both inside and outside seating. Can’t comment of the service yet, but there does seem to be a lot of training going on. The food we can also not comment on, but we got a glimpse of the menus, and there is an impressive number of tapas items to choose from… even a breakfast menu (served all day), which makes sense as they will be open from 8am… with no set closing time.

    Onno’s is a new and welcome addition to Altos de Chavon and marks the first of many new establishments that are opening up and/or renovating themselves. Great thing is that due to its location, the bar is high-heel friendly and easily accessible!

  • Osteria del Circo – It is our understanding that where once stood the restaurant “La Piazzetta, will be taken over, remodeled and replaced with New York’s very own Osteria del Circo (by the famous Le Cirque). We hear that there will be a small lounge area, a hip new bar and a fabulous menu. Naturally the head chef will be a New Yorker, and the Maccioni Family will be here to ensure that it meets the world class quality that has made their reputation.
  • Papa Jacks – Not much new happening here, but given their obvious desire to keep their clients from emigrating towards Onno’s, they might finally realize that they need to have Presidente Light in stock… maybe even stop watering out the drinks a little… who knows, they might even provide a temporary price cut… then again, maybe they wont.
  • New Genesis? – We are hearing rumors that the ‘legendary’ club Genesis in Altos de Chavon, is going to be taken over by new management, completely re-vamped and opening in time for the holidays… We’ll work on getting some confirmation and/or updates, but there does seem to be quite a lot of activity going on around there these days… something is definatly up.

Casa de Campo (Hotel Area): With the holidays quickly approaching, the hotel is abuzz with activity and preparations. It seems that everyone is getting into full swing in order to prepare for what will be the best and most incredible holiday season yet. There is talk of so many new things, activities and such that we will try to get you some more info before telling it all. However, you might be interested in learning that there is a brand spanking new spa opening soon.

  • Cygalle Healing Spa – That’s right, there is a new world class spa opening in the hotel area, which will be ready for the holidays. We’ve not had a chance to see it first hand, but having overheard some of the plans, we can confirm that it is looking mighty interesting. At the moment, the team from New York’s Cygalle Healing Spa are hard at work overseeing the construction of what sounds like a Zen / Spa garden environment with multiple treatment rooms. We’ve also heard that there are instructors currently training the masseuses in various types of interesting treatments. Given the stress of the holidays, this will surly be of significant interest to all the guests and residents.

Minitas Beach:

  • Beach Club by Le Cirque – Time to say good bye to the “El Pescador” restaurant at the beach, as it is undergoing a change in name, becoming “The Beach Club by Le Cirque”, which will be run by New York’s famous Le cirque restaurant. Aside from a completely revamped menu (which is spectacular!), we’ve seen that the staff has been receiving additional training and the Bungalows are getting booked quickly… if you’re looking for one, make sure to reserve early (as in yesterday)!

    There are also rumors flying about a possible Sunday brunch as well, which would be a welcome option. Should anything solidify, we will be sure to get you all the info.

Marina Casa de Campo: Tis the season for shopping, eating and yachting. So much to do, so much to buy, so much to eat.

  • Marocha Steak House – Or Pepperonni Part III as we like to call it, is set to open some time in early January. This should provide a nice place to go for a good (though probably not cheap) steak. It will be almost an extension of the existing Pepperonni restaurant, as it is facing the original (at the Marina). While many have dubbed that location as being very unlucky, we hope that they will be able to survive and thrive… that is, as long as they have a damn good churasco and rib eye on the menu.
  • Emilio Robba Store – French born Emillio Robba, who has similar shops in Florida (3), France (3), Morocco (3) and Japan (1) has now opened a store in Casa de Campo’s renounded Marina. The store, which we promise to get photos of soon, sells primarily silk flowers, which are positivly spectacular. These flowers, which look increadbily real (sometimes moreso than the real thing), are a great way to adorn ones’ villa or apartment with some beautiful flowers that require only the occasional dusting – and of course, you would need to try very hard to have them die.

    For folks without a green thumb, or who simply want to see flowers blooming every time they come into their villa or apartment!

  • Shopping Center & Movie Thearter – That’s right! We will soon be able to go to the movies without having to leave Casa! The new shopping center at the Casa de Campo Marina is quickly going up, and while it seems that it has fallen a little behind, but from what we hear it is looking like a January / February launch!
  • Chinois – This place simply rocks! The prices remain very reasonable (cheapest in the Marina), with a service staff that is almost too eager to please. The addition of a new chef has also done wonders for the food… you MUST try the Chinois Roll and the Marina Roll – they are to die for! Seriously, we absolutely love this place and cannot stress enough that when it comes to a place with great service, great food, a great location and great prices… well at the Marina, this is the place, hands down.
  • Victory Club – Not much new to report here, other than it seems that they have updated their shuttle service to pick up people from in front of Pepperoni. This change seems so obvious in retrospect, but is truly something that will make it an even more attractive option, as seriously, who wants to walk the ten miles to get there… especially in high heels?
  • New Years Party at the Palapa – It seems that there will be a raging New Years Party at the Marina this year… or is it technically next year? Ok, both. Well, anyways, the party which will be hosted by Praia and Casa de Campo (we presume) should be quite the event! We are not privy to what will be included yet, but rest assured that it will be a great option for the young’ins to go and show off their latest threads, while dancing the night and year away. NOTE: If you plan to go to this event, make sure to secure a parking place early as we all know how the Marina parking lot can get during any busy night, let alone New Years.

2nd Annual Feria Andalucia: The Feria folks are at it again! It seems that with the success of the first Feria Andalucia, the decision has been made to move forward with the project as an annual event. This year the fair will be taking place in February, making it much cooler, not to mention right smack in the middle of Hispanic Heritage week. Other interesting changes to the Feria Andalucia include a change of location to the Casa de Campo Equestrian Center, the addition of a Economic Forum to take place simultaneously and many other surprises that are sure to come up. Doubt not, we will give you the scoop as it happens.

Fundacion MIR Fashion Show: The annual tradition continues to throw the party of the year for the benefit of the MIR Foundation. One change small though. The event, will now take place in March, which will surly give it its biggest attendance ever – not to mention giving it a great opportunity to collect even more donations for this worthy cause. Giving has never been this much fun, and partying has never been so guilt free!

Soon (we hope), we’ll be providing photos and more updates. If there is anything you’d like to know about – post a comment and we’ll get back to you shortly.

See you soon!