Vista Lagos - Parkland

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We’re happy to see that Vista Lagos, Casa de Campo’s new parkland, is coming along quite nicely. A quick spin through the area and we noticed it’s got a new multipurpose court!  The 2 km park is a work in progress but it’s adding cooler developments all the time. For starters, the trails have been completely covered and are ready for use. Signage for them will be along shortly, but take a stroll through the shady paths and become acquainted with the parkland’s verdant grounds. Flowers are blooming and lovely, and bike trails connect all the way from Chavón! Ride along finished paths by Chavón’s parking lot, cross briefly over the road and pick up the intersection with the park close to the Los Altos entrance. Vista Lago’s lower right quadrant is where you’ll find the Multipurpose court, which is fit for basketball, indoor soccer, and volleyball. Clear indicating lines for the athletic activities can be seen in the gallery below in the blueprints provided by Costasur. Right now, Costasur launches a soft-opening for the court, but by the Dueños weekend in November, the multipurpose court will be fully painted for its inauguration. Nevertheless, don’t let that stop you! We’ve heard a lot of community members are ready to get out there and have some fun. Recreation for Casa de Campo’s littlest ones is coming along too as construction is underway for a playground and jungle gym. In about a month’s time or less, this area will be functioning too, along with structures for exercising outdoors! Yippie! There’s plenty of ways to enjoy the park— whether that is climbing on some monkey bars, shooting hoops, practicing at the driving range, walking the dogs, sitting in the soon-to-be meadow, or even taking a romantic stroll at sunset, excitement for Casa de Campo’s parkland is mounting. Get to know the resort’s new sports and leisure area, and especially their multipurpose court… Who wants to play some bball?!? 
View more photos of Vista Lagos’ court and pathways in the gallery below taken on August 24th: