arte altos de chavon

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arte altos de chavon

On Saturday June 16th 2012, the Altos de Chavón art gallery invites you to celebrate the opening of their next art exhibit “La Flor del Cayuco”, an incredible collection of carved wooden sculptures created by talented Dominican artisans.

arte altos de chavon

The new exhibit “La Flor del Cayuco” is being presented by Dominican artist, Genaro Reyes as well as up and coming artisans currently training at the Cayuco Cultural Center in Miches on the northern coast of the East of the Dominican Republic within the province of Seibo.

Founded nearly 10 years ago, The Cultural Center of Cayuco, opens its production studio to talented, honest and hardworking craftsman, with the objective to provide a wholesome artistic education. After eight years of training, the artisans begin to produce in their own workshops with their own resources – gradually organizing and amassing their own modest tools and creating new and unique designs.

With limited resources and limited production capacity the remarkable creations of these artisans are not available on the mass market and are normally only on display in small exhibits as well as markets and craft fairs in Santo Domingo.

Year after year they face the same challenges in broadening their markets, but not withstanding they “continue to do so, because the artist’s driving force is a wonderful and effective tool to tear down walls and build bridges.”

The incredible carved sculptures of Genaro Reyes and The Cultural Center of Cayuco were discovered by Stephen Kaplan, Rector of the Altos de Chavón School of Art and Design at a crafts fair in Santo Domingo, where he was “dumbstruck by the nuance, humor, and zeal of the works presented.” We will soon be publishing an article; “Chiseled Celebrations of Faith: Santos de Palos from Grupo Cayuco” written by Stephen about his discovery and the creations of these dedicated craftsmen.

Inauguration of “Flor de Cayuco” art exhibit

When: Saturday June 16th, 7pm

Where: Art gallery, Altos de Chavón, Casa de Campo