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When Nashla Bogaert came to Casa de Campo…

Nashla Bogaert, Casa de Campo

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Nashla Bogaert, Casa de CampoWe love seeing celebrities in Casa de Campo, and we really LOVE it when they come and live it up like one of the Casa de Campo community… which as the wife of a life-long Casa de Campo-er (David Maler), she practically is!

So when Nashla Bogaert, one of the Dominican Republic’s most well-known actresses, and her fellow movie-star husband, David Maler, spent the Juan Luis Guerra weekend here, what did they get up to?

1. Supporting same-sex marriage

2. Relaxed by the pool

Y al final… después de una gran nube… siempre sale el sol. Todo tiene su hora… como dice Juan Luis. Jajajaajajajaja Una foto publicada por Nashla Bogaert (@nashlabogaert) el

3. Got to grips with fledgling nature

Cuando la naturaleza se resiste… Una foto publicada por Nashla Bogaert (@nashlabogaert) el

4. Attended the Juan Luis Guerra concert

@orangerd nos está cuidando de las piedras ☺️☺️☺️. Concierto JLG Una foto publicada por Nashla Bogaert (@nashlabogaert) el

5. Ate healthy and FRESH at FRESH FRESH Chavon

Meanwhile we’re sure her husband, David Maler, joined her for these adventures, and he himself had a great time catching up with friends from his days at the Abraham Lincoln School in La Romana…

Thanks for visiting! We hope to see David Maler and Nashla Bogaert back in Casa de Campo soon!

And while we have your attention we’d just like to keep it for a few moments longer… and invite you to check out this short Nashla Bogaert movie with – created by Lazy Bear. Who or rather what is Lazy Bear you may ask? Well, Lazy Bear is a professional videography company owned by Arturo Dickson (with his wife Mariana Rubio Pittaluga), another successful and talented Casa de Campo-er – just check out the video and see for yourself!



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