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HeaderCCLMuseoV2-26-6-15Besides the our beautiful beaches, landscapes, excursions and wildlife one of the most interesting attractions are museums, where you can learn the history of this beautiful country.

If you are living or visiting Casa de Campo and have already visited the museums we have in Altos de Chavón; The Regional Museum of Archeology Museum, the Amber world museum and, the “Choco Museo” (click here to read more about the museums of Altos de Chavón) … here we bring you a great choice for a day of museum and just a few minutes from La Romana, the Museo De La Altagracia.

The Museo De La Altagracia is located in the gardens of the Basilica de Higüey, on the east of the Dominican Republic. It was inaugurated on July 26, 2012, is a building of 1,800 square meters, in which are shown seven rooms.

Room 1: History and Legend of the Vírgen de Altagracia


Through a video is presented to the visitor the historical events and legends of the Virgin and the narratives of the highlights of this existing Marian devotion since the early sixteenth century.

Click here to know more about the Virgen de La Altagracia!

Room 2: Medallions


In exhibition sixteen oil paintings on wood that by having oval shape are known as “medallions”. They were painted in the last third of the eighteenth century by Diego José Hilaris as a request of the priest who was in charge of the sanctuary at the time.

Room 3: Religious art

You can see here Peruvian, European and Dominican painting from eighteenth to twentieth centuries.

Room 4: Treasure


Showing over sixty pieces of the local goldsmiths and other countries of the seventeenth to the twentieth century America. They include, among others, the gold and emeralds pyxes, a censer, the sacred of the Consecration and the manifestor.

Room 5: San Dionisio and the Basilica

It tells the story of the old sanctuary built between 1567 and 1572.

Room 6/7: Ex-voto

The thousands of votive offerings, promises or miracles preserved in the Sanctuary are tangible testimonies of graces received. This ancient custom remains valid today. Usually made of silver and gold, there are also made with dissimilar skills in various materials.


Plan your trip and enjoy an unforgettable museum experience!

Museo De La Altagracia

Address: Arzobispo Nouel Street (gardens of the Basilica), Higüey



  • Tuesdays – Saturdays: 8:30am-5:00pm
  • Sundays: 9:00am-5:00pm


  • Adults: RD$100 and RD$200 (guide tour)
  • Children: half price

Contacts: (809)-554-2748, [email protected]

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