Muffi James Casa de Campo

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Muffi James Casa de CampoWhat a love-ly way to celebrate Valentines Day! On Friday February 14th, Muffi James, a Casa de Campo villa owner for more than 30 years hosted a Valentines Day brunch for a group of lady friends of Casa de Campo.  valentines day The Casa de Campo villa of Muffi James is located in Punta Aguila, Casa de Campo’s oldest neighborhood and is one of the few remaining homes of the old wooden traditional style. With a romantically wild garden, and a breathtaking view of the ocean with an infinity pool, it is a spectacular home and quiet the location for a fabulous celebration… On this occasion, Muffi, who first came to Casa de Campo in 1978 as the friends of Pete and Alice Dye, invited a jolly group of Casa de Campo ladies, as well as 3 close friends, who Muffi calls her “lady friends” who have been visiting her every year since 1985. Over the years this ladies luncheon has taken many themes and forms… “We have eaten in La Romana, down on the Chavón, in the Marina (kindergarten dresses required), a Barbie party at La Estancia (Barbie dresses required). We have also required poetry contests, movie quizzes, etc. Anyway, the Valentine’s theme has just evolved over time… My wonderful cook, Margarita enjoys preparing the brunch and we now do it all here in house.” Explained Muffi when talking about how the gathering has evolved over time. Muffi James with 2 of her lovely “lady friends” Muffi James Casa de Campo Although the group of ladies involved in this annual tradition has developed over the years, (even to include me), a few key members Muffi mentions are “Helen Wynne, Eadie Creed, Kay Erickson, Bonnie Iselin and Phyllis Berney. Others included always, Molly de Laurentis, who is now deceased, was the humorist of our group…when she died, our lunch that year honored Molly.  We have also given surprise lunch for Helen Wynne on her birthday, Gilles [Gagnon] even provided a golf tournament… Carolyn Peterson joined our group and has been an integral part providing boat trips and sing-a-longs.” As the newest member of the group I must say I was honored to be included. Welcomed with mimosas on the terrace overlooking the beautiful Caribbean sea, the party continued with a delicious buffet brunch… which even included a romantic song game. We had to name as many songs as we could think of that included the word “heart”, and my table won! Congratulations to Muffi on hosting a wonderful gathering and thank you for including me, I look forward to many many more! The following collection of images were taken at the Casa de Campo villa of Muffi James in the Punta Aguila neighborhood of Casa de Campo: