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Not having heard too much about this movie, other than “its great”, “wow” and “amazing”, it felt like the perfect movie to go see on a lazy sunday afternoon with a few friends. We where not disappointed.

In the begining, the movie is decevingly slow, but this only lasts long enough to prepare you for the roller-coaster, adrenaline rush that is to follow.  I wont give away any more details, but sufficient to say that it is well worth watching.  Keeping in mind that it may very well be out of the thearter by this Thursday, if you have the chance – go watch it!  Bring a date or a friend, as you’ll want to share the experience!

Watch the trailer here and feel free to leave your comments here!  Let everyone know what you thought!


As of Thursday November 27 this movie is no longer playing at the Marina Casa de Campo. However it is still playing in movie theaters in Santo Domingo and Santiago.