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So recently we went for a bit at Naked Fish and spotted an item that almost blew our mind… Chicken wings for RD$540.00 + ITBS + Service (thats almost US$20.00!). Seriously, we don’t mind spending the coin if these things are good, and we are indeed curious… but we need to hear from someone – ANYONE whether or not these things are worth it.

The waiter informed us that each order has 7 wings. While we are not sure if these are 7 drum sticks, wings or what, we do know that it comes out to be about US$2.26 per wing before tax and tip, and almost US$3.00 per wing after all is said and done.

Eventually we’ll end up trying them, but we would love to hear some comments, any comments, about these golden wings to at least know what to expect. Anyone?

In the meantime, we’ll stick with the generous portions of spicy tamarind wings served for RD$250.00 (tax & tip included) up at Altos de Chavon’s Papa Jacks.