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blue marlin

Since the the Marina Casa de Campo fishing season started in February this year – there have been more than 500 Blue Marlin releases! With an average release per day of 7 blue marlins in the more than 70 days since the start of the season! With stats like that there is no doubt that Casa de Campo is not just an internationally great place for golf – but for fishing too!

blue marlin

Fisherman of Blue Heaven preparing to measure & release a Blue Marlin 

Known as the “king of the sea” (at least among fishing enthusiasts), the blue marlin is the most sought after of all the marlin species. With spectacular fighting ability and an average weight of 125 to 250 pounds, blue marlins are a prize catch and as such have inspired the dedication of anglers worldwide. Which is why fisherman from across the world are attracted to the Marina Casa de Campo to catch Blue Marlin between March and mid-June every year. It is customary to catch, measure and release Blue Marlin (and other billfish) – so that it can be caught again.

blue marlin

Throughout the 2013 season, fishing boats reported releasing up to 11 blue marlin per day – with the total number of blue marlin releases now topping over 500, making the 2013 Marina Casa de Campo one of the most successful ever.

Accordingly to the Marina Casa de Campo, approximately 20 international fishing vessels have taken part in this year’s fishing season – with even more expected to arrive to enjoy fishing throughout the month of June.

So far the Marina Casa de Campo welcomed back old friends of the “Therapy”, “Fa-la-me”, “Blue Heaven”, “Alican”, “Betsy”, “Chach”, “Liquid Gold, “C’est la vie”, “Ambush”, “Caroline”, “Chasin’ tail”, “Shark Byte”, “Canyon Gear” and “Uno más” fishing boats, as well as a crowd of new boats; “Impulse”, “Nemesis”, “Shoe”, “Double Barrel”, “Old reliable” and “Over easy”, among others.

fishing boat

Fishing boat “C’est La Vie” setting sail out of the Marina Casa de Campo

Among the fine captains and anglers enjoying fishing at the Marina Casa de Campo this season were; Ed Thompson, Rich Barret, Frank Rodriguez, Rob Moore, Robert “Butch” Cox, Tim Richardson, Albert Miller, Robert “Cujo” Brinkmeyer, John Cochrane and Mike Brauser.

At the end of the fishing season 2012, we got together with Captain Ed Thompson to find out even more about Blue Marlins and fishing out of the Marina Casa de Campo…..

Fishing Blue Marlin out of the Marina Casa de Campo – interview with Captain Ed Thompson

blue marlin fishing

As the Caribbean sea is much more “fertile” than it’s very close Atlantic neighbor, the Marina Casa de Campo (and it’s surrounding waters) make an ideal location for deep sea fishing expeditions and every year especially during March, April and May, a contingent of passionate deep sea fisherman descend upon the Marina Casa de Campo in search of Blue Marlin. Captain Ed Thompson, a traveling sportfish captain is one such fishermanclick here to read our interview with Captain Ed on his experience fishing out of the Marina Casa de Campo.