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Maridalia Hernandez, 4.40 and Junior Tickets available at Fundación MIR Magical Splendor

Magical Splendor MIR

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Magical Splendor MIR

We are just days away from Fundación MIR’s Magical Splendor Gala and the excitement is upon us. Even more so as we found out that designer Neem Khan won’t be the only star of the night, given that Dominican superstar, Maridalia Hernandez is scheduled to headline the artistic performance accompanied by Juan Luis Guerra’s own Band… The 440!!! And if that were not enough to get you on board, Fundación MIR has just announced that more affordable Junior Tickets are now available!

We can’t wait for Saturday to come around so we can enjoy a beautiful day of golf, a fabulous dinner gala hosted by Raysa and Alfy Fanjul, a one of a kind fashion show , and sing and dance the night away with one of the Dominican Republic’s leading ladies! We are all still enamored by her performance during the Christmas concert together with Danny Rivera, so we can imagine that an intimate concert and show at Casa Grande will be such a delight.


So what are Junior Tickets? Well the “junior” term for Fundación MIR applies to anyone up to 40 years old. Isn’t that awesome?! I feel it’s been so long since I was a “junior” and Fundación MIR is allowing me to be one all over again! Junior Tickets are available for a modest USD$200, so if you have not purchased your tickets yet don’t wait any longer because with this special offer we are sure they won’t last very long.

We encourage you to call Fundación MIR and request your tickets as soon as possible, start picking out your outfit (if you have not done so yet), shine your golf clubs and start setting aside some cash in your wallet for the most elegant “Mystery Shopping Wall” which is a hit year after year.

We hope to see you all there supporting the Fundación MIR and the wonderful work this organization does for the children of La Romana.



Fundación MIR Magical Splendor Gala and Fashion Show

Gala Dinner and Fashion Show:

When: Saturday, January 23rd, 8pm

Where: Casa Grande

Golf Tournament:

When: Saturday, January 23rd, 1pm

Where: La Romana Country Club

Boutique de Saks 5th Avenue:


Friday, January 22nd, 3pm – 5pm

Saturday, January 23rd, 10am – 5pm

Sunday, January 24th, 10am – 5pm

Where: La Romana Country Club

Contact: USA (561) 366-5092, RD (809) 523-8270, [email protected]

Junior Tickets MIR

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Splendor Gala Golf Tournament

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