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Located within the prestigious Casa de Campo Resort and Villas complex, Playa Minitas stands as one of the top attractions in La Romana. With its unmatched beauty, crystal-clear turquoise waters, pristine white sand, and lush palm trees, this Caribbean gem is a true earthly paradise worthy of year-round visits.

Víctor Vales, Manager of Playa Minitas, explains that despite the end of the summer season, the transition of seasons in this Caribbean region is gradual. This means that all the delights and services that the beach offers during the summer are available throughout the year.

With approximately 240 meters of coastline, Playa Minitas offers food and beverage services until 6 PM. However, the experience doesn’t stop there, as the Minitas Beach Club restaurant continues to serve until 11 PM. This elegant space features an adult infinity pool and a modern lounge area, providing the perfect atmosphere to relax to the sound of the waves.

A Complete Family Experience

The Playa Minitas experience is equally rewarding for the entire family. Here, you’ll find two food trucks, Massa and Brasa, specializing in quick delights like steak cuts, grilled burgers, and pizzas. You can also refresh yourself at the natural juice bar or indulge in ice cream. Beachside shops offer a variety of beach items and accessories for the whole family.

Moreover, Playa Minitas offers two spacious pools, one for adults and another for the little ones.

Beyond the water and sand, the beach features “La Palapa,” a fun area with games for both kids and adults. This area is an excellent choice to keep the children entertained while you enjoy the sun and the sea.

The surroundings are enveloped in ample green areas and comfortable shaded seating scattered throughout the place.

For access, there is a large parking area for all types of motor vehicles, as well as golf carts.

Water Sports and Excursions

Playa Minitas is a perfect destination for sunbathing, relaxation, and various water sports like kayaking, banana boats, and more. Its beauty and convenience make it a favorite spot for both Casa de Campo Resort and Villas residents and guests.
In addition, excursions to nearby islands, such as Catalina and Palmilla, are offered through an agreement with Scuba Caribe.

Some of these excursions depart directly from the beach, while others depart from the Marina and the Río Chavón, providing unique opportunities to explore everything Casa de Campo has to offer.

A Refuge of Serenity

A key feature that distinguishes Playa Minitas is the peace and tranquility experienced at the site. Here, you can relax on a comfortable lounge chair, enjoying the sun and the waves without worries or interruptions.

“Playa Minitas boasts stunning natural allure. Our facilities complement this beauty, offering an experience that is nearly unparalleled. Our staff provides exquisite service to our visitors,” adds Vales.

Environmental Commitment

Playa Minitas is currently in the process of obtaining its fifth certification to earn the prestigious Blue Flag recognition once again. This international certification, granted by the Dominican Republic’s Institute of Environmental Law (IDARD), acknowledges the environmental quality and facilities of beaches and ports.

The Blue Flag ensures that the beach is clean, safe, and that the quality of its waters and services is continuously monitored. It also promotes environmental education among visitors, reaffirming Casa de Campo Resort’s commitment to responsible environmental management of its coastal and marine areas.
In conclusion, Playa Minitas at Casa de Campo Resort is much more than just a beach. It’s a haven of natural beauty, a destination for the whole family, and an example of environmental commitment. If you’re in search of an earthly paradise in the Caribbean, look no further than Playa Minitas.

Photos courtesy of Casa de Campo Hotel.