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Ministry of Tourism recognizes Claudio Silvestri for Outstanding Achievement

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Claudio Silvestri and Francisco Javier García. Picture from

Following three decades of diligent work pioneering the luxury tourism market and being a relentless leader, visionary and quintessential ambassador, I’m proud to announce that the achievements of my father, Claudio Silvestri have just been recognized by the Dominican Ministry of Tourism.

It fills me with great joy to see his achievements celebrated and appreciated in this way. The Dominican Republic now relies on tourism as one of the main pillars of its economy. Few people have the opportunity to make such a difference in an industry, or a country, while maintaining the respect and friendship of even the biggest competitors – and with the ability to do it with a level of style, sophistication and professionalism that is the mark of a true gentleman.

Below, we have taken the liberty of translating this beautiful article published by Hoy Newspaper:

Claudio Silvestri, the executive who led Casa de Campo for over three decades, highlighted the tourism potential of the Dominican Republic and described the work that Francisco Javier García has done as Minister of Tourism as excellent.

Francisco Javier García and Claudio Silvestri. Picture from

Francisco Javier García and Claudio Silvestri. Picture from

He said the Dominican Republic is the first destination for tourism as it offers a wide variety of options for travelers, which, in his opinion, is a guarantee for the industry to continue growing as it has over the past eight years. “I have traveled to many parts of the world for business reasons, and I have not found another country in the Caribbean that has advanced in tourism as much as the Dominican Republic; the infrastructure, the love, or the sense of hospitality is not the same.” This was part of Claudio Silvestri’s acceptance speech as he received an award for his contributions to the tourism sector in the Dominican Republic by the Ministry of Tourism. The Chairman and CEO of The Silvestri Group, defined the Dominican Republic as a wonderful country, “with great natural conditions,” after describing the Dominican people as the most hospitable in the world, something that continues to captivate him and is why he chooses to live here after 33 years.

It is his understanding that much of the development in the tourism sector is due to the important work done by Mr. Garcia as head of the Ministry of Tourism: “Mr. Minister, I want to express my appreciation and admiration for the great work you have done to ensure that the Dominican Republic is currently where it stands in regards to tourism.” 

Meanwhile, the Minister of Tourism Francisco Javier García praised Claudio Silvestri for all his contributions to the development of the tourism industry in the Dominican Republic, how he managed Casa de Campo, a luxury tourist destination, for over 30 years making the eastern region of the country a worldwide tourism icon. He noted that it was difficult to list all of Mr. Silvestri’s  contributions to tourism in the Dominican Republic, and described him as an ambassador of the national tourism industry, and one of the biggest promoters of the country’s beauty.

He also said that the country is going through one of the best moments in the history of tourism in the Dominican Republic, generating more currency, by this concept, than the other 26 countries of the Caribbean, 7 countries from Central America, including Belize and Panama and 13 countries in South America including Brazil. He recalls in the last 4 years, tourism has contributed more than 24 billion dollars to the economy, as well as generated thousands of jobs.

Claudio SilvestriClaudio Silvestri, born in Rome, Italy, with an honorary doctorate in Hospitality from Johnson Wales & University, has been recognized for his success in strategic planning, investment promotion, asset management and destination development, and has extensive experience in tourism, hotel management and real estate. In 1982, Silvestri was chosen to be president and CEO of the Gulf & Western Hotels, and was responsible for introducing the Dominican Republic to the concept of luxury tourism, expanding and positioning Casa de Campo to what it is today, one of the top tourist destinations, and home of one of the top 40 golf courses in the world and number one in the Caribbean.

In 1984, after Fanjul and Associates bought Gulf & Western in the Dominican Republic, the company became the Central Romana Corporation. Silvestri continued to work in the company as president and CEO of Premier Resorts & Hotels, always focused on continuing with the growth of the company’s tourism operations.

Dr. Silvestri has been part of the management team for many prestigious hotels such as the Grand Hotel in Rome, the Savoy in London, George V in Paris and the Plaza and American hotels in New York. He was also director of Hyatt International in Mexico.

*This article first appeared in Spanish in “Hoy Newspaper” on August 21st, 2016.

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