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M. Costa Marine Inc., specialized in representing some of the world’s leading yachts, boat brands, and personal watercraft, gives Casa de Campo community members numerous ways to enjoy life to the fullest. Founded by community members, Miguel Torrón and Mónica Armenteros de Torrón, their work offers owners great options to invest in life and happy moments. With only four years in the business, they’ve drawn the attention and following of dedicated clientele.

What about Casa de Campo made you want to make the Marina your primary location?

Casa de Campo has one of the best marinas in the Caribbean, comparable to ones in Europe and the USA. We have a portfolio for clients who know what they want and prefer quality and luxury over pricing.

What services do you provide?

We have a maintenance area for old and new yachts, providing services such as painting and installation of fiberglass, engines, and electronics.

What encouraged you to create M. Costa Marine?

We have always loved to be around boats, marinas, fishing, and spending time at sea. When we found out that Hatteras was searching for a dealer in the Dominican Republic we jumped at the opportunity. Monica’s father has been a Hatteras man all his life and her mother was very well-known and respected in fishing tournaments here and in Puerto Rico. Thanks to the Hatteras/Cabo Yachts distributor, Agie Vicente, we were able to start this amazing company.

Are your children as enthusiastic for boats as you are?

Yes; from a very young age our children have accompanied us to the beach, fishing, and on family boat trips. They have learned to surf, dive, sail, and go fishing; let’s just say the sea is our home; it is where both we and our children feel better.

Recently you launched Intrepid Rendevouz. What was the inspiration behind this project?

Intrepid has new amazing boats, and they wanted to enter this market in a great way. We launched Intrepid Rendezvous, a boat party event with brand representative Alex Rizo, to showcase yachts to the Casa de Campo community and provide sea trails to nearby islands. We plan to make it an annual event.

What projects do you have in mind for the future?

Thanks to all our clients that have given us the opportunity to prove our expertise and service, our markets include other Caribbean islands and we are working to expand to other countries. We have our work cut out for us, and it’s enough to entertain us for a long time. One thing that this company has showed us is that, “Every boat brings a friend.” For now, we are enjoying this moment and holding onto it.

* Pictures taken by Laura Perdomo. This interview was previously published in our sister magazine, CasaLife Magazine. 


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