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In this week’s ‘Memories of Casa de Campo post, Carol Burke our weekly writer brings us some incredible photos and memories of school days at the Abraham Lincoln School in Central Romana – great photos of everyday school events as well as the graduating ceremony of 1993, sports day, the West Side Story in the Altos de Chavón amphitheatre and the yearly art exhibition.

“The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.”
— Author Unknown

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”
— Chinese Proverb

Ask any child who lived in Casa de Campo year around where they attended school, and the answer would most likely be, “Abraham Lincoln School” in Central Romana.

When we first arrived in Casa de Campo in 1987, and toured Abraham Lincoln School, I was impressed with the beautiful garden-like setting of lawns and trees with blossoming orchids hanging from the branches.

Orchids and Ms Clifton, teacher

Every week-day, morning and afternoon, a Casa de Campo bus would become a school bus, bringing the children to school,

Ready for School

and home again.

Happy That School is Done for the Day

Every year there was a Sports Day event at ALS. Parents and teachers all came out for the competition. Mr Magee, the head master, was always the first one there.

Let the Games Begin

There were many competitions on Sports Day

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go !!

The bag race was a popular and tricky event,

The Bag Run

and the wheel barrow race was interesting as the participants had to work together well to win it.

Wheel Barrow Competition

However some of the most exciting competitions were played on the see-saw.

Flying High

One year ALS presented West Side Story at the Altos Amphitheater,

Jets vs Sharks

and every year, Mr. Hughes, the ALS art teacher, organized a large exhibition of student art in the Altos Galleria.

Mr Brian Hughes

The annual art exhibition was an amazing event.

Young Artists Mingle at the Exhibition

The Altos Galleria was filled with drawings, paintings, and sculptures.

Arranging the Works

Students from all the grades worked hard to make it a success.

Young Exhibitors – Mark and Danny

Each year a poster for the exhibit was designed by a student,

Poster for the 1992 Art Show

and sales of the poster benefited the school.

Take Home a Memory of the Art Exhibit

In the spring the senior class graduation was held at Casa de Campo’s conference center.

Some of the Class of 1993

The younger children participated too.

Graduation Ceremony 1993

Moving the tassel from right to left signifies the transition from student to graduate.

The Turning of the Tassel Ceremony 1993

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