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In this week’s ‘Memories of Casa de Campo’ post, our weekly writer Carol Burke brings us photos and stories of the children in Casa de Campo in the 80’s and 90’s. You may recognise some of the children in the photos – they will now be in their 20’s and 30’s!!

“The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things.” — Plato (428 – 348 BCE), classical Greek philosopher mathematician, writer, and founder of the Academy in Athens, the first institution of higher learning in the Western world.

Children adore Casa de Campo. In the 1980s and 90s, it seemed as though Casa was made just for children because there were so many places in Casa where children could feel at home and safely be on their own.

Children at main pool

During the time I lived in Casa, older children on school holidays would drive around in golf carts, and the little ones would follow running along.

Occasionally a golf cart would be found at the bottom of one of the many neighborhood pools after a teen party. This practice was frowned upon by the guardians of Casa and they tried to put a stop to it.

Casa de Campo held celebrations designed just for children. On the 4th of July, there was an American celebration and presentation at the Dude Ranch.

Children of Casa on the 4th of July

On Halloween there was a costume party for the children at the Caña.

Children’s Halloween party with Haydee

Classes in Taekwondo were offered for children at the Fitness Center in Casa and at Club de la Costa

Taekwondo class at Club de la Costa

Casa de Campo held a weekly Dominican Night at the main pool. Children were invited to this event.

They often played along with the musicians,

Racquet as Guitar at Dominican Night

or watched a cigar maker roll Dominican cigars.

Cigar Maker at Dominican Night

Cigar presentation at Dominican Night

There were events and day camps for children at the Dude Ranch.

Day camp at the Dude Ranch