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In this week’s ‘Memories of Casa de Campo’ post Carol Burke remembers the  Casa de Campo bakery and teases us with photos and yummy stories about all the delicious cakes and cookies!

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first. — Ernestine Ulmer

Life in Casa de Campo was sweet, both figuratively and literally. There were many chances each day to find a great dessert or sweet snack.

Casa de Campo often hosted food festivals. It seemed as though there were acres of cakes in the table full of fanciful desserts in every festival.

Festival of Cakes

Every day, Café del Sol featured a selection of ice cream sundaes. These were so good. Icy ice cream covered in whipped cream, strawberry sauce, and walnuts on a hot day, what could beat that?

Sundae del Sol

Of course, if you’re not really into sweets so much, just a little plate of cookies will do.

Crisp Course of Cookies

The three Dominican restaurants in Casa (El Patio, Lago Grill, and El Pescador) offered corn pudding as a dessert. The nice thing about corn pudding is that it is not overly sweet and the character of corn with cinnamon and coconut is ideal for a nutritious finale.

The Best Corn Pudding in the World

My sweet dream of the day at Casa de Campo used to be to have a big plate of chocolate éclairs, fruit tarts, marzipan, and Napoleons.

Sweet Dreams are Made of This

Napoleons are also known as Mille-feuille, or the thousand-leaf pastry. They are made from layers of puff pastry alternating with layers of custard, whipped cream or jam, and topped with white and chocolate fondant.

The fruit tarts were tiny pies with a custard filling on the bottom topped with fresh strawberries or mangos and finished with a sugar glaze.

Éclairs are made from pâté à choux dough which is a light pastry dough baked then filled with custard and topped with a chocolate glaze.

Marzipan is a confection made from sugar and almond meal. It is usually formed into cute animal or fruit shapes and sometimes used for icing and filling cakes.

The Casa de Campo bakery turned out hundred of these delicious pastries every day.

If you wanted to stay at hme and nurture the sweet tooth, one call to the Casa de Campo Room Service would deliver a platter of candies and cookies to the villa.

Candies and Cookies from Casa