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Memories of Casa de Campo: Sports and Activities

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04 aerobics - casa de campo living

In this week’s ‘Memories of Casa de Campo, Carol Burke remembers all the sports and activities that were part of everyday Casa de Campo life in the 1980’s. Enjoy the outfits!!!

In the mornings in 1989 I would hop on the Casa de Campo bus in Altos de Chavon and ride down to the Casa de Campo Fitness Center.

01 Casa de Campo - Fitness Center c 1989

One day I was in a hurry because I was going to be late for the aerobics class and tried to get off the bus when it stopped at the stop sign in front of the Fitness Center, but the bus driver told me, “NO!” nobody is allowed to exit the bus until it gets to the bus stop. I was so determined to get to the aerobics class on time that I jumped off the bus even though it had started moving again.

casa de campo - weights room

The Fitness Center had a weights and cardio machine room and two racquetball courts.

The aerobics class was fun and energetic, and was held in one of the racquetball courts.

03 aerobics class - casa de campo living

The racquetball courts were downstairs on a lower level and from the upper level there were benches and an opening in the wall for spectators to watch the games. Sometimes tourists came in to watch the aerobics class. I remember one tourist in particular who was interested in observing the class, but didn’t seem to know that smoking was not allowed. While we worked out to the music, she smoked several cigarettes, filling the racquetball court with second-hand smoke.

There were Tae Kwon Do classes taught by Archimedes de Jesus for children and adults and also racquetball classes.

The Racquetball Instructors
06 Racquetball teachers - casa de campo living

The Tae Kwon Do Club
08 tae kwon do club - casa de campo living

The Tae Kwon Do Classes
09 taekwondo class - casa de campo living

10 taekwondo lesson - Casa de Campo Living

Occasionally the Fitness Center would organize a mini-marathon where everyone would run through the streets of Casa de Campo.

11 marathon - Casa de Campo Living

For all their participation in activities, Fitness Center members won many awards which were displayed in the front.

12 Fitness Center Awards - Casa de Campo Living

In Casa de Campo we attended shooting lessons, and riding and jumping lessons along with the classes at the Fitness Center.

Shooting Lessons
16 shooting lesson - Casa de Campo Living

Horse riding lessons

13 jumping teacher - Casa de Campo Living

14 horse jumping - Casa de Campo Living

15 horse jumping  - Casa de Campo Living

Some people become anxious and tense when they first get onto a horse, so our riding teacher had us practice viewing the world with what she called “soft-eyes” while sitting on the horses. To learn this thoroughly she would have us close our eyes and ride our horses.

17 riding instructor - Casa de Campo Living

18 cute horses - Casa de Campo Living

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