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In this week’s ‘Memories of Casa de Campo’ post Carol Burke brings us her memories and photos of the Dueños tennis tournament in 1991.

“Some people say that I have an attitude- Maybe I do. But I think that you have to. You have to believe in yourself when no one else does- that makes you a winner right there.”
— Venus Williams

“I play each point like my life depends on it.”
— Rafael Nadal

The Canchas de Tenis were located on a hill overlooking all of Casa de Campo.

Canchas de Tenis

It was a beautiful location with a view of the Caribbean Sea.

A Beautiful View from Tennis

Children of Casa de Campo often attended tennis camp or participated in the tournaments.

Tennis Group – Children

In November 1991 the Casa de Campo Dueños held an exciting tournament there.

Dueños ’91 Tennis Tournament

The contestants put their all into winning.

Going for the Gold

Children, as well as adults, competed all day for the win.

Casa Children Compete

A welcome rest with refreshments after the tournament was complete.


The Ladies of Casa de Campo were hard-hitting competitors.

Casa de Campo Tennis Player

Playing to Win

Paco Hernandez, the Director of Tennis, has awards for the winners.

Paco Hernandez at the Trophy Table

To show their appreciation of the indispensable ball boys, the Dueños provided gifts of food,

Appreciation for Ballboys Gifts

The ball boys were a hard-working, good-natured group of kids. They have to know the rules of tennis, be physically fit, and perform traditional ball boy duties.

Ball Boys Group Photo

That evening, after the appreciation ceremony, there was a dinner and dessert for the ballboys.

Ball Boys Salute the Dueños

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