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Memories of Casa de Campo: Dueños 1991-Polo

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09 Polo horses and 'Papo' Menendez

In this week’s ‘Memories of Casa de Camp’ post Carol Burke reminisces about the Polo matches of the 1990’s!

Polo originated in Persia thousands of years ago. It has come down through the ages as a recreation for warriors.

Polo Pony in a Hurry – ‘Papo’ Menedez

01 Polo Pony in a Hurry 'Papo' Menendez

Our Casa de Campo Villa Owner Warriors continue this tradition every year during Polo Season.

Sound the Charge!

02 Polo Charge!

In the 1991 Polo season, Chris and Karen Knowles from Rehobeth, MA were here to manage the horses and provide commentary and information during the matches.

Karen and Chris Knowles

03 Polo -Karen & Chris Knowles

Villa Visions referred to the players as the “Play Boys of Polo” in an article from April, 1991, “who, for seven months in the year, dominate the Casa sport scene as our Villa Owner Players. Not only do they partake in the stately sport of kings, but they are also important members of our Casa Community.”

Casa de Campo team

04 Polo - Casa de Campo team

Central Romana team

05 Polo - Central Romana team

These familiar faces included: Pablo Cabrera, Guillermo “Nene” Cochón, Andrés Freites, Bill Fried, Enzo Ghiviliano, Marcello Giancaterini, Antonio Jorge, José López, Eugenio Mendoza, Ramón “Papo” Menendez, Alfonso Paniagua, Johnny Podestá, William Reid, Harvey Rhein, Pedro Antonio Rivera, Federico Ramos, Bijai Singh, Jabar Singh Hijo, Alejandro Tirado, and Hector Vargas.

Bijai Singh

06 Polo -Bijai Singh

The Polo matches were always exciting and were one of the most interesting happenings in Casa de Campo.

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