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Carol and Daisy on the Teeth of the Dog
Villa on Teeth of the Dog

After six years of living in the “Colinas” of Altos de Chavon my family and I moved to a villa in the Cajuiles section of Casa de Campo just before Christmas, 1993. The garden of this wonderful villa was resplendent with mango trees and loud daily visits from the beautiful Hispaniolan Lizard Cuckoo. At the end of the garden there was a grove of grapefruit and orange trees, and beyond that a sort of forest which ended at the Casa de Campo airfield runway.

Path from Cajuiles garden to airport

I asked our gardener, Amado, to make a path from our garden through the trees so that I could walk our dog to the sea each day. Amado made a lovely path, and each morning before getting the children up for breakfast and school, Daisy Dandelion and I walked down the path to the Casa de Campo air field, through the crossing gate of the runway, and over to the edge of the Caribbean Sea.

The edge of the Caribbean Sea, just beyond the runway, on the Teeth of the Dog golf course was a breathtaking place. Often one would encounter a bridal party with their photographer at one of the tees.  Other times one could observe the Dominican artist, Jorge Silvestre, working on a painting there.

Teeth of the Dog golf course

Sometimes Henry and Nancy Kissinger would be out walking on the Teeth of the Dog with their four or five Secret Service agents.

One time Henry called over to me that my dog, Daisy, must be a “lovedog.”   I assumed he meant that since she was obviously a mixed breed that one would keep her only because they loved her.

Article contributed by Carol Burke.