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In this week’s ‘Memories of Casa de Campo’ Carol Burke, our weekly writer brings us her memories and photos of the Abraham Lincoln School art show, held every year in May.

As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life.
— John Lubbock, (Lord Avebury) (1834 – 1913)

Anyone who says you can’t see a thought simply doesn’t know art.
— Wynetka Ann Reynolds

Some of my favorite memories of Casa de Campo are of the Annual Abraham Lincoln School Spring Art Exhibits in Altos.

During the time my children attended ALS the art teacher was Brian Hughes. He and other teachers and students worked day and night for weeks to present the art works of the students at the annual show.

Setting Up the Show

Each year there would be a contest among the students to create a poster for the event.

Chad and Jairo with Poster 



The art works often surprised the viewers.

There were works on the floor

Mid Floor Contempo

and works on the ceiling.

Smiling and Flying

Attendees were seen to be looking up, looking down, and looking at the camera.

Checking Out the Work

Some of the favorite works were the murals. Some of the murals were all in one canvas,

Mural – Treasure Under the Sea

and others were where each artist worked individually on a picture,

One for All 

which then fit together to become a unified mural.

Synergy — The Sum is Greater than the Parts

Jairo – It Takes a Village

The opening reception was always a big success.

Opening Night

The young artists and their friends and families, and many other interested art lovers, found a great place to gather together.

A Gathering of Art and Artists

A mutual interest in art can create and strengthen friendships.

Friendships Founded in Art

American author John Updike wrote, “What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit.”

The art shows always seemed to fulfill this idea of a space for the spirit to reside.

The art works in the ALS shows were sometimes in the hyper-realistic style,


sometimes of plant life. There were many different themes at once.

Plant Life

To view more art work from the ALS shows, please click on the link below:

I will add more photos to the Abraham Lincoln School Art Exhibit set at this site in the next few days.