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Memories of Casa de Campo – A Roadside Attraction on the Way to La Romana

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Memories of Casa de Campo is BACK! Carol Burke, Casa de Campo Living’s weekly contributor had a small break from writing over the Christmas holidays, but now to our great relief she is back – with even more photos and stories of the good ‘ol days in Casa de Campo.

In this edition of ‘Memories of Casa de Campo, Carol writes about the road which leads from Casa de Campo to La Romana, initially this may not seem very interesting, especially given that today this road is essentially barren and pretty boring, but 20 years ago this road was FULL of life – over to Carol to tell us the full story……

During the nearly twelve years I lived in Casa de Campo, from 1987 to 1999, I would often drive to the nearby town of La Romana.

On the way to La Romana there was a roadside attraction — an open air art gallery – where local artists displayed paintings and wooden sculptures.

I sometimes stopped by to browse and buy a painted fish or two. I soon learned to lock all the doors to my car as the sellers were so enthusiastic they would open the car doors and try to place the painted wooden animals inside as a selling tactic.

Meanwhile the motorcycle lunch delivery people would be driving by on their way to and from the Free Zone shouting hello to the tourists.

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