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Nomadic canvas-based Artist Run Exhibition Space, 2013

Paolo Chiasera, Louis Henderson and Oscar Santillan will be introduced TODAY, January 25th as the new artists in residence of the Davidoff Art Initiative Residency. You are all cordially invited to attend the introductory cocktail to take place at the The Gallery at Altos de Chavón at 7:00pm.

Louis Henderson

Louis Henderson is a filmmaker whose works investigate the networked links between colonialism, technology, capitalism and history. A graduate of London College of Communication and Le Fresnoy – studio national des arts contemporains, Henderson is currently completing a post-diplôme within an experimental art and research group at the European School of Visual Arts. His research seeks to formulate an archaeological method within film practice, reflecting on new materialities of the Internet and the possibility for techno-animistic resistance to neocolonialism.

Louis Henderson: All That Is Solid Trailer

*Bio and video available at artist’s Vimeo Page* 

Oscar Santillan

Oscar Santillan (Ecuador, based in Amsterdam) insinuates in his work the existence of a territory where the limits of what is possible can be trespassed. Unexpected events occur there, the beat of drums get synchronized to the abundant sweat of a person, the unrealized desire of a dead person is fulfilled, a cloud is physically capture in a marble container, or the weight of all the sunlight over planet Earth is perfectly embodied by a stone.

Oscar Santillan at his studio:

*Bio and video available at artist’s website* 

Paolo Chiasera 

Paolo Chiasera is an Italian conceptual artist. In his work he examines cultural and historical processes, their reception and their dis-continuity. Paolo Chiasera lives and works in Berlin.

Cleopatra Chiasera
Cleopatra, 2015 – Francesca Minini Collection

*Artist’s most recent work can be see in his Artsy profile*

The article’s featured image is Paolo Chiasera’s Nomadic canvas-based Artist Run Exhibition Space, 2013 from the Francesca Minini collection.

Artists’ Presentation for the Davidoff Arts Initiative Residency

The Altos de Chavón Cultural Center Foundation and the Davidoff Art Initiative invite you to a presentation of


participating artists of the Davidoff Art Initiative Residency at Altos de Chavón.

When: Monday, January 25th 2016 at 7:00 p.m.
Where: The Gallery, Altos de Chavón (second floor)

For more details contact: 809.523.8011

Davidoff Arts Initiative

About the Davidoff Art Initiative Residency

The centerpiece of the Davidoff Art Initiative is the Davidoff Art Residency.

Each year, the Davidoff Art Residency offers residency positions for Caribbean artists who participate in five artist-residency programs worldwide, as well as for approximately five artists from outside the Caribbean region who spend three months in the Dominican Republic. A limited number of positions are also reserved for curators and writers working on projects of relevance to Caribbean art.

Artist residency programs help working artists develop their skills, make connections within global networks, earn exposure for their work, and share their expertise with others. In offering emerging and mid-career artists an opportunity to spend an extended period of time working in a different social and creative environment from their own, the Davidoff Art Residency serves as a conduit for professional mobility, cultural immersion, and creative exchange.