The Davidoff Art Initiative brings many interesting artists from around the world to our community to create. They spend months in Chavón working and bringing new visions to life.  Paul Maheke is one of the artists.

Born in Brive-la-Gaillarde, France, Maheke currently lives and works in the UK. He considers the body to be an archive to study how memory and identity are formed. Many of his works focus on the idea of subjectivity and identity politics. He focuses on simple gestures that may be overlooked in public places but carry a deeper meaning when noticed and understood. Many of his pieces are video installations, performance pieces, and sculptural works.  

Currently, Maheke is further researching the body and the metaphorical space from which the body comes with a geographical, socio-political, and historical context. His works are poetic yet political and show the body as resilient.

Take, for example, his 2017 performance piece Mbu. The 30 minute collaboration performance with Cédric Fauq combined dance with multi-layered video projection, sound and live percussion. The piece invokes deeper feelings about embodied histories and causes viewers to  consider the autobiographical exploration of physical memory. Maheke views the body as an archive, made up of water and full of pathways to past knowledge and information.

Maheke puts a lot of research into his pieces and is inspired by the body and landscapes around him.  His combination of art forms is unique, thought provoking and inspiring!


The centerpiece of the Davidoff Art Initiative is the Davidoff Art Residency.

Each year, the Davidoff Art Residency offers residency positions for Caribbean artists who participate in five artist-residency programs worldwide, as well as for approximately five artists from outside the Caribbean region who spend three months in the Dominican Republic. A limited number of positions are also reserved for curators and writers working on projects of relevance to Caribbean art.

Artist residency programs help working artists develop their skills, make connections within global networks, earn exposure for their work, and share their expertise with others. In offering emerging and mid-career artists an opportunity to spend an extended period of time working in a different social and creative environment from their own, the Davidoff Art Residency serves as a conduit for professional mobility, cultural immersion, and creative exchange.

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