You are all cordially invited to attend the presentation of Artist-in-Residence Kristin Simmons. This talented artist will be introduced to the Casa de Campo community tomorrow, October 4th, during a cocktail reception at WAO Innovation Chavón in Altos de Chavón. This is the perfect opportunity to meet and greet Kristin, learn about her work, and what inspires her art pieces. 

Kristin is a trending NY Pop Artist. She is described as not an artist who indulges in social satire—but rather a social satirist who indulges in art. At first glance, her works—full of sparkly baubles and dazzling playthings awash in pop colors—instantly evoke a smile. 

Kristin Simmons wants you to know that everything in this world is a double-entendre. She uses paint, printmaking, and mixed media to provide a running commentary on herself and her contemporaries. Her work, which focuses on hedonistic pleasures—and in particular, the absolute pleasure of consumption— is as acerbic, provocative, and unapologetically clever as it is empathetic and vulnerable. She thinks that all consumption stems from an effort to distance oneself from pain or steer oneself closer to pleasure.

She is the recipient of several prestigious awards, including the Orra White Hitchcock award, and the National Endowment of the Arts Award. Simmons received a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History and Visual Arts from Columbia University. She has had six solo shows and has been featured in numerous group exhibitions, including at the 2016 Whitney Biennial at the Whitney Museum in New York.

We look forward to getting to know Kristin more about her vision, and perspective; Hope to see you all there!

Meet and Greet NY Artist Kristin Simmons

Cocktail Reception 

Tuesday, October 4, 2022, • 7 PM

Wao Innovation Hub