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Health is never something that should be ignored. Now in Casa de Campo, we have our very own physical therapy practice, and the only private facility in the country! Established in Miami, Pinecrest is here in Casa De Campo to provide vacationers and villa owners the ultimate health and wellness experience. We had a chance to speak with therapist Ana Souza who represents Pinecrest here in Casa.

Who can benefit from physiotherapy, and who would you recommend it to?

We work a lot with people who have had an injury, but we also assist in prevention. Here at Pinecrest, we provide complex care, so I recommend it to everyone who takes an interest in their health and overall physical well being.

We help and provide guidance for many stages of physical health; for example, if you were exercising and injured yourself, we not only help treat the pain through manual therapy sessions but also with lifestyle choices for exercising properly and a workout plan. Very often, it is important to get touch with the root of the injury and the source of the pain. That is why at Pinecrest we provide an individualized approach to each patient. I’ve had patients come in who thought shoulder pain was arising from the injury, when in actuality it was stress-related and induced.

So you can create fitness plans based on many personal unique factors…

Yes; it is a very important part of our job. Especially, it is useful for patients who return to exercising after a long period of absence or an injury.  I also work a lot with young mothers who need particular attention. Everyone can benefit from injury prevention.

What is unique about Pinecrest here in Casa De Campo?

For a lot of residents, Casa de Campo is their second home and they are in and out of their stay here, so we provide the opportunity to continue their physiotherapy treatments with their pre-existing physiotherapist on a cohesive plan.  We team with hospitals in the US and in Santo Domingo, wherever they are located. I currently have a post-surgical patient who had his surgery in the US and began his physiotherapy there but resides here.

Another aspect that makes us unique and favorable among our patients is our specialized attention. Since it is a small community, I can spend more time with my patients; we have become a family!

Meet Ana:

Ana graduated from a Physical Therapy program at the Catholic University of Goias (Brazil) in 2009.  She has also completed a course in Remedial Massage Therapy and Fitness in Sydney, Australia.  Ana has experience with neurological trauma patients, as well as post-surgical and elderly populations.  Ana is fluent in Portuguese and enjoys traveling. Ana is our staff Physical Therapist working at our Casa de Campo location in the Dominican Republic.

Pinecrest Physical Therapy Casa de Campo

Location: Casa de Campo Health and Wellbeing Center

Hours: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Contact: Phone: (809) 523-3333 Ext.5185; Email: