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Another successful Medical Operative took place in the Centro Medico Central Romana

Operativo Otorrino PBO Featured

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Operativo Otorrino PBO FeaturedA total of 98 surgeries have been performed at no cost to patients in the Centro Medico Central Romana during the Medical Operative that took place this past December, by Healing The Children and organized by the Patronato Benéfico Oriental.

More than 600 cases in ophthalmology and otolaryngology were previously viewed and evaluated by specialist doctors, Lee Eisenberg and Jay Calesnick, chief surgeons of the mission under the supervision of Dr. Jose Lopez, Medical Director and Vice President of Health in Central Romana, and Dr. Isabel Leon, Chief of Surgery.

Different surgeries for strabismus, ptosis or drooping of the upper eyelid, eardrum perforation, chronic mastoiditis, removal of adenoids and tonsils hypertrophy, tube placement for chronic otitis, among others were performed.

Patients included the children of employees of Central Romana’s sugar refineries, as well as from other nearby communities of the Eastern region of the Dominican Republic, as well as from all across the country.

“This is the second time that we joined two surgical days together; we were able to carry it out comfortably in our three operating rooms at the same time, for the patients prompt attention and convenience” said Dr. Jose Lopez. 

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All patients who underwent surgery also received post-surgical follow-up for free at the Central Romana Hospital. This way, we seek to ensure a healing process without any type of setbacks, as most patients do not have the resources for these types of treatments,” emphasized Dr. Leon.

Every year the Centro Médico Central Romana performs several medical operatives free of charge, including one dedicated to reconstructive hand surgeries led Dr. Michael Murphy, a renowned American plastic surgeon.

It’s impossible not to applaud this beautiful initiative, that has improved the lives of many during the years that it has taken place. We hope that they can continue with this labour of love for many more years to come.

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