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Important Medical Conference by Especialidades Medicas on Ovarian Cancer Prevention and Treatment

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Nothing is more important than our health, and being informed and aware can go a long way. That is why we recommend joining the conference at Galenia Especialidades Medicas on Ovarian cancer prevention and detection on May 5th.

Ovarian cancer accounts for about 3% of cancers among women, but it causes more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system. It is highly important to learn about the causes of ovarian cancer and what you may be able to do to lower your risk. The conference will also provide information as to establish nutrition and physical guidelines for prevention and management of ovarian cancer.

The event is held by the Filial Grupo Médico Canela.  Their young company, Galenia Especialidades Medicas celebrates its 2nd year serving the town of La Romana as a medical extension of the original Clinica Canela 2.  They express a deep commitment to giving back to La Romana community. The organizers of the conference are gathering doctors, specialist and civilians interested in learning more about ovarian cancer, and are creating an open space and dialog to  exchange information.

To continue, there will be a series of monthly educational events organized by Galenia Especialidades Medicas and the Filial Grupo Médico Canela for women of reproductive age. The conference on May 5th is open to anyone who would like to attend; a small entrance fee of RD $ 250 is required with 100% of those funds raised going to support El Ser Libre y Feliz, a recently established foundation dedicated to helping children with special needs.

Meet the man behind the organization “El Ser Libre y Feliz”: Andrés Velez

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We reached out to Andrés Velez to give our readers an opportunity to learn more about him, their devoted organization and mission for the future.

Delightful get together for a wonderful cause, “El Ser Libre y Feliz” for the students of the Father Sebastian Cavalotto school

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Last Tuesday, March 1st, I had the honor of assisting the inaugural celebration of the foundation “El Ser Libre y Feliz”.

Ovarian Cancer Conference

Prevention and Early Detection Conference on Ovarian Cancer

Where: Galenia Especialidades Médicas (Calle 41, Ensanche Almeyr)

When: 6pm – 8pm 5th of May

Price:  RD $250 to benefit El Ser Libre y Feliz

Contact: (809) 813-3135 (ext.116) for more information

“El Ser Libre y Feliz”

El Ser Libre y Feliz

El Ser Libre y Feliz is aimed at helping poor institutions dedicated to educating, protecting and developing children with disabilities or who are at risk. Their vision is to lower discrimination to facilitate children and young adults ease into society. Their desire is that they can lead productive and independent lives with a high self esteem and grow without limitations in an environment of acceptance and respect.

Andrés Velez, President

Phone number: (809) 390-4905

William Vélez, VP and Communications Director

Phone number: (809) 756-0196


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