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McDaniel’s Chavón river cruise for Sponsors

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On Saturday, March 10th, the McDaniel’s foundation organized a river cruise for the donors with appetizers, an open bar, music, and of course the raffle! The cruise set sail at 4pm, going up the Chavón river and back for a lovely afternoon on the water. Clear skies and a lovely breeze made for the perfect day on the river.

Cruising past palm trees, exotic tropical birds, and the occasional cluster of cows, Mr. Mcdaniels welcomed everyone before passing the mic over to tennis pro Adonis to draw the raffle.  The raffle prizes ranged from dinners in la Marina to boxes of cigars to massages to golf and tennis lessons to jewelry from Everett Design and much much more! Everyone on board anxiously awaited their number being called for fun prizes donated for the cause!

Music played keeping the mood lively yet relaxed at the same time as cocktails and appetizers circled the boat. They served delicious individual fresh vegetable cups, warm empanadas, meat skewers, fried shrimp and more! Guests mingled admiring the scenic river views, like Altos de Chavón way above on the cliffside!

This year, the McDaniel’s team has raised $53,000 USD for the ball boy foundation! All the funds raised go towards the players health insurance and towards a special scholarship fund for ball boys. Many of these ball boys and players have been a part of our tennis community for years and they are so deserving of and grateful for the fundraising efforts of everyone involved!

The following day, Sunday March 11th, the finals were held at the La Romana Country Club with a large crowd of community members and sponsors supporting the event. The crowd cheered as Edwin Guerrero and Ronnie Pimentel played against Francisco Concepción and Javier de la Cruz in a fast paced doubles match for title of tournament champions! Stay tuned for full coverage on the finals!

*Pictures taken by Dariana Soriano on the McDaniels River Cruise on March 10th 2018:

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