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Brunch for Soon-to-Come Baby De Valle!

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Edward and Guests — Mathew and Edward Baby Shower

This past Sunday, the De Valle household threw a brunch welcoming the upcoming arrival of their baby girl. Close friends gathered to congratulate the soon to be parents and enjoy a lovely shower.

Drinks — Mathew and Edward Baby Shower

It was an informal and light hearted event, where guests sipped cool, refreshing mimosas throughout the warm, sunny afternoon. Our hosts treated us to beautifully decorated and tasty brunch dishes. Like “Alice in Wonderland,” we enjoyed Eat Me cupcakes and the company of a white rabbit! Everyone loved petting it; it was so soft!

Playing with Bunny — Mathew and Edward Baby Shower

Little ones also enjoyed playing in the swimming pool, and running around the lawn. It was so nice to see the laughter and joy that comes from a full house! Many more fun filled days are to come in this household!

Babies — Mathew and Edward Baby Shower

I had a sneak-peak of the nursery, where very responsible future parents Mathew and Edward are getting prepared for the newest addition to their family…It looks like this baby girl will have everything a girl needs and more! At the end I could not resist a hugging session with Felix, who was happy to oblige. I bet he is also looking forward to a new friend to play with.

Anna playing with Felix — Mathew and Edward Baby Shower

Our hosts are planning to make Sunday brunch in their house a tradition. What a wonderful treat to spend an afternoon in their loving company. I’m definitely looking forward to coming back, especially to meet baby De Valle! Her name is still hush-hush right now but stay tuned for the reveal.

Mathew and Edward at the Baby Shower

We are extending our best wishes to Mathew and Edward and the soon arrival of their baby girl in Casa de Campo!

The following photos were taken by Mariana Heredia during Mathew and Oscar De Valle’s Baby Shower last Sunday, March 6th: 

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