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After 5 days of exciting matches at our own Casa de Campo Polo Fields, this past Saturday May 2nd, this years version of the Polo Masters Tournament ended in a exciting celebration.

Hosted by Central Romana at the Dye Fore Pavilion, the award ceremony boasted of extraordinary food and a gorgeous view, high above the Dye Fore golf course and over looking the chavon river.

The Casa de Campo food and beverage department was praised, due the great presentation of the event and even though there was a cool breeze they rose up to the challenge and served up a great dinner that included barbecued pork, lamb, ceviche and lots of other very salads, entrees and desserts.

Trophies were awarded to the 1st and 2nd place teams. Winners received Reed and Barton ice buckets with engraved handles, and a special gift from the Argentinian Embassy; a beautiful photo and history book about Argentine polo presented by the Ambassador of Argentina in the Dominican Republic. Second place winners took home engraved silver bowls and all participants received several awards.

A special recognition award was presented to one of the founders of this event, Mr. Fernando Arredondo.

The winning team, La Pachanga, consisted of Fredrico Ramos, Bobby Jimenez, both from DR, Peter Lobel from Zimbabwe and Tania Evans from the U.S. The second place was gloriously held by the skilled team of Francis Battle, Joaquin Sanchez, Leo Matos and Nick Lumsden.

There were 5 teams in all, and matches were played Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The horses that participated were either from Casa de Campo, which breeds many fine polo ponies, the Dominican Republic or imported from countries such as Argentina and Brazil.

The Masters Tournament is an annual event which began 11 years ago, founded by Fernando Arredondo of the DR and Tim Nice of the United States