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Just last week President Danilo Medina once again declared a new state of emergency throughout the national territory for 45 days with new curfew hours. Due to this, the mass schedule in Altos de Chavón has once again changed. 

Mass will now only take place on Saturdays at 3 pm and in the garden area in front of Genesis to allow more parishioners to be able to attend and at the same time comply with the social distancing protocols.  

Public health authorities continue to issue warnings about the dangers of large gatherings, reminding people the virus has not gone away and to continue to follow all protocols. Following the resolution, everybody coming to mass should be wearing masks, maintaining social distance (families are allowed to sit together) and congregants are asked to use hand sanitizer.

As before, Parishioners will not be allowed to hold hands during prayer or to exchange the sign of peace but can wave. Mass celebrants wear masks at the church altar while preaching, and while distributing communion; there will be no communion by the cup, and will be done by hand only. After receiving Communion, on one hand, they are to step to one side, use their other hand to loosen their masks, consume the host, and replace their masks before returning to their seats.


Saturdays at 3 pm, in the garden area in front of Genesis.

All congregants are asked to wear masks, maintain social distance, and before entering, to use hand sanitizer.