The famous Martha Stewart paid a visit to our lovely island, taking trips to Altos de Chavón and the Chavón School of Design in Santo Domingo. During her visit, Martha spent time admiring all that Altos de Chavón has to offer, exploring our little cobblestone city above the river and visiting classrooms at the school. While Martha and her family stayed in Casa de Campo for spring break, she made sure to travel to Santo Domingo to check out the Chavón School of Design there, enjoying vacation but also exploring our little island paradise. She even wrote beautiful blog posts commemorating her time spent here in the Dominican Republic.

While enjoying family vacation in Casa, Martha visited the artist’s village, Altos de Chavón.  Strolling around the cobblestone, Martha paid attention to all of the immaculate details of the town, bringing attention to things often overlooked like stone animal carvings that are built directly into the handmade stone walls that make up the village.  She visited different independent craft ateliers, learning about the different local artisans and about woven-fiber products and clay before moving on to exploring the classrooms that make up the Chavón School of Design.

Martha took a tour of the classrooms at the Chavón School and learned all about the different things offered. She was impressed by the open, airy classrooms, excellent teacher-student ratio, and impressive portfolio of notable designers that have lectured at our home campus.

Martha went from the classrooms to the Regional Museum of Archeology filled with a collection of pre-Columbian Indian artifacts.  She spent time admiring all of the treasures on display like an ancient Taino tribal necklace, boating pieces, and handmade stools. Martha was impressed by the different ritualistic and utilitarian objects on display.

Before exploring Altos de Chavón and the Chavón School of Design campus here, Martha went to the Chavón School of Design in Santo Domingo.  She especially loved the high ceilings and clean cut prestigious feel of the once cupcake factory turned urban campus. The school offers courses in communication design, fashion design, fine arts, illustration, digital design, interior design, photography, film production, and architecture. Along with teaching college level courses, the school offers art programs on the weekends for young children.

While many visitors spend their vacations relaxing under the Caribbean sun, Martha took the time to learn about our rich culture and see more than just the diverse landscape.  She explored both campuses of the Chavón School of Design and wandered the cobblestone village checking out ancient artifacts and learning about our history. She wrote beautiful blog tributes highlighting the school and fun facts about our precious island paradise!