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An exceptional look into the thoughts and travels of Marcos Lora Read at Altos de Chavón

Featured Image - Marcos Lora Reid

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Last Thursday, February 18th, the Gallery in Altos de Chavón opened the new exhibition from the collection “Memoria en Tránsito” (Memory in Transit) by Dominican artist Marcos Lora Read.

Group - Marcos Lora Reid Exhibit

Marcos graduated in Fine Arts and Illustration from the School of Design in Altos de Chavón.  Over light drinks and some chocolates, he discussed his work with attendees speaking of his inspiration and the materials he used.  But, what we loved, is that you could also hear the pieces communicating. The exhibition is series of sculptures, paintings and installations that each had a story to tell. Marcos’ work was inspired by travels, memory books and adventures.

The exhibition will be on display until Friday, March 18th, and is an excellent opportunity to see unique and beautiful art pieces.

The following collection of photos were taken on Thursday, February 18th during the opening of Marcos Lora Read’s ‘Memory in Transit’ in La Galeria, Altos de Chavón by Mariana Heredia

Marcos Lora Read Exhibition

Where: La Galería, Altos de Chavón

On Display: February 18th – March 18

Gallery Hours:

  • Monday – Saturday, 8am – 9pm
  • Sundays, 9am – 6pm
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