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Pay it forward! On November 23, 2012, ¨La Fundación Maestro Cares (MC)¨ founded by the great music icon; Marc Anthony and business guru Henry Cardenas, celebrated the start of the construction of the new home for the children from La Romana’s ¨Niños y Niñas de Cristo¨ orphange. Following overwhelming support from contributors in the US, more than US$100,000 raised – allowing the charity to break ground on this new project and bring light to the wonderful children of the home. 

This past Friday, ¨Niños y Niñas de Cristo¨ orphange located in the city of La Romana, had many reasons to celebrate, with the start of the new construction for the new center which will support living and education for more than 200 of their children!

Marc Anthony breaks ground at the new home

On 10,000 sq feet of land, donated by the Central Romana Corporation in the ¨camino a la Luisa” in Buena Vista Norte, La Romana, the inauguration took place, with the participation of both founders; Henry Cardenas and Marc Anthony marked the start of a new beginning for the children of the Orfanato. That same weekend Mark Anthony also participated in  “Gigant3s Tour 2012”, along with Chayanne and Marco Antonio Solis, in the dominican capital, Santo Domingo.

“Today not only marks the start of a new life for these children who are in great need of our help, but it is also beginning to see the fruits of  our labor that started a year ago and we are now seeing it become a reality”.

— Marc Anthony

The new home will consist of comfortable rooms, kitchen area, laundry service, dining room, library, chapel, shops, classes, computer rooms, baseball for future little leaguers and education in modern art. These are only a few things that will be offered in these facilities.

I am confident that the impact of Maestro Cares foundation will be felt by the children in this country for many years to come. The completion of this final phase will be made directly by the foundation (Maestro Cares Foundation) and it’s estimated that it will be ready in the following 7 months (May 2013). “

— Sonia Hane, founder of Orfanato Niños y Niñas de Cristo

Congratulations for this new project and thanks to all of the people that have contributed in one way or another – not only for their involvement and development, but for dedicating themselves to this great commitment of ensuring the children of the Dominican Republic a great and brighter future!

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