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Christmas isn’t complete here without a good ol’Dominican Aguinaldo! This Wednesday, December 22nd, the Altos de Chavón Regional Museum of Archaeology and the PBO Innovation Hub will be hosting two activities that complement each other perfectly – a Maracas workshop and the Altos de Chavón Aguinaldo!

The day will start at 5:30 pm with a Maracas workshop for our kids at the PBO Innovation Hub (right next to the Museum), where they will learn how maracas are made, what materials are used, and they will be able to make and paint their own. As an added bonus, they can be used in the Aguinaldo which will cover all of Altos de Chavón! In previous years, the kids have visited the various local business singing traditional songs like “Las Arandelas”, “Alegre Vengo”, “De la montaña” and more bringing them and their clientele some Christmas cheer. To end the night, Santa will be waiting for the kids at his home making it a great opportunity for them to spend time with him and his elves!

It’s a great family activity, and also a fun way to teach our kids to love and pass on one of our country’s oldest Christmas traditions. Mark your calendars and bring your children, we guarantee you will not regret it!

What is an Aguinaldo?

The tradition of aguinaldos consists of getting together with friends and singing Christmas carols from house to house. These are performed to the rhythm of tambora, güira, maracas, and accordion. The groups are greeted with joy by the neighbors who offer them various treats, traditionally ginger tea, hot chocolate, coffee, cookies, bread, etc.


When: Wednesday, December 22nd, 5:30 pm

Where: PBO Innovation Hub next to the Regional Museum of Archaeology, Altos de Chavón

Cost: RD$ 500 p/child