Harry Magee, Abraham Lincoln School
On Monday December 1st and Tuesday December 2nd, the Abraham Lincoln School presented its annual Christmas Show with the participation of 120 students.  The evening started with two songs sung by the school choir followed by a group of 2nd grade students playing the glockenspiel. The Secondary School Drama Club then gave us an animated recital of the poem ” ‘Twas the night before Christmas”. The main production of the evening was the presentation of the main Christmas Show entitled “Rock around the Flock” with the participation of all the students from Grades 2, 4 and 5. The show had a bit of everything -songs, dances and great acting. The shows producer was the 5th grade teacher Mr. Ian Henderson and the musical director, Miss Joanna Marlow, who both did an amazing job. The show had a very lively ending when Mr. Magee surprised us all by playing his guitar and singing Feliz Navidad along with all the students. This was one of the best Christmas shows presented in the Abraham Lincoln School in many years and was attended each night by 420 parents who thoroughly enjoyed every moment! Congratulations to all those involved and way to go Mr Magee! The following collection of photos were taken by Bryan de la Cruz during the Abraham Lincoln School Christmas Show, as well as of the visit of Santa Claus!