Macao surf camp

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Macao surf camp

Just an hour away from Casa de Campo is the extremely gorgeous Macao Beach, where the “Macao Surf Camp” will have you riding waves in no time!

Last Sunday I took a trip to Macao Beach with some friends for a surf lesson at Macao Surf Academy and was very pleasantly surprised with it all. I’ve never been a sporty person, or a particularly coordinated person, or anything other than a couch potato, for that matter. And yet, after around an hour and a half of falling off into the gentle surf and shallow sands, I’d managed to learn how to stand on a board in the proper position, feeling the breeze and the joyous feeling that can only be described as I’m not falling off, I’m not falling off, oh my God how is this even happening?! 

The instructors, the head of whom, Rafael, gave us a quick instructional breakdown of basic surfing technique while on dry land, sent us land-lubbers to the shore, where every person in our group was given an individual instructor to practice said technique with.

Macao Surf Lessons

Across the board, all of our instructors were helpful, happy, and quick to give constructive criticism to get us all catching waves properly. Mine, an extremely helpful young man named Samuel, even swam at mind-boggling speeds while carrying a surfboard to as to get me a larger one that might prove easier to control.

We took a quick break after our first try, when we were given coconuts, split open for us to drink their water (and/or eat up on their insides as well), and delicious, delicious mangoes. With that light, healthy snack in our systems, we all ran back with our instructors into the surf, all having figured out our basic technique a lot more, and ready to mess around, doing crazy poses and racing each other as we laughed, gliding across the surf.

But Casa de Campo Living, you might ask, dear reader, how am I supposed to get there? Or register for classes? Ha! Hear me out, hypothetical reader, the Golf & Tennis Academy has got you covered! At 60 dollars a person, they’ll provide for the whole experience, including transportation! You can see more details below, personally I can’t recommend the experience as a whole more highly.

Picture above courtesy of Macao Surf Camp.

Catch the wave with GTA at Macao

When: Monday July 7th, 9:30am – 4:30pm

Where: Macao

Departing from: Casa de Campo Hotel Lobby

Cost: US$60 per person (includes surfing and lunch)

Contact: (829) 703-3407,

Macao Surf Camp Flyer