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Casa de Campo is a great place to live in; there is always a wonderful reason to get together with friends and get to know new things Casa has to offer. On Friday, October 13th, M. Costa Marine organized a cocktail to celebrate the launch of the 1st Intrepid Rendezvous at the La Marina Yacht Club. M. Costa Marine is the authorized dealer of the very prestigious brand Intrepid Powerboats, Inc. “Regardless of which Intrepid you choose, it will be built upon a design that reflects each owner’s unique and discerning vision. But what is common to each one will be a meticulous attention to detail, highly innovative and thoughtful features from bow to stern, and the most advanced and highest quality materials and processes implemented at every stage of construction. At Intrepid, we don’t build boats the way they could be. We build boats the way they should be” – Intrepid Powerboats, Inc. Intrepid Rendezvous is an event – boat party – that M. Costa Marine will be hosting annually. Guests will be taken to Palmilla, where the company has prepared various activities and personalized attention to each of them. Once at Palmilla, there will be a boat with waiters bringing over welcome drinks and appetizers. There will also be a DJ as musical entertainment throughout the day – guests will get to spend a beautiful day in paradise, dancing, drinking and celebrating life. Present at the inaugural cocktail were Mr. Alex Rizo and his wife Lizette Rizo, and Mr. Christian Gonzalez representing Intrepid Powerboats, Inc. as well as Mr. Miguel Torrón and Mrs. Monica Armenteros de Torrón, owners of M. Costa Marine and organizers of this 1st Intrepid Rendezvous. Many community members were able to learn more about the various models that Intrepid has available, and then experience them first hand the next day, on Saturday, October 14th, when they traveled to Palmilla and spent the day basking in the sun amongst family and friends. Don’t miss the next Intrepid Rendezvous – we will let you know when the next activity will take place! Below you will find a gallery of pictures taken by Laura Perdomo during the inaugural cocktail at the La Marina Yacht Club hosted by M. Costa Marina.


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