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luis emilio rodriguezRecently, the Dominican Republic’s Hotel and Tourism Association, otherwise known as ASONAHORES, hosted an event to welcome and present their new Board of Directors, including Luis Emilio Rodríguez as their new President.  In attendance at the event and supporting Luis Emilio in this new endeavor were many top executives of influential companies of the Dominican republic’s tourism sector, including his father Alfonso Paniagua, Vice-President and Administrador of Costasur Casa de Campo, Ramon Menendez, Executive Vice-President of the Central Romana Corporation and Francisco Micheli, President of La Romana Baseball team “Los Toros”who is also Central Romana’s Vice-President of Public Relations. With more than 20 years of experience within the Central Romana Corporation, specializing in Finance and Marketing, including years of contribution to the tourism sector in La Romana and the Dominican Republic in his role as Director of the La Romana – Casa de Campo International Airport, the La Romana Port and most recently as past the Director of the La Romana – Bayahibe Hotels Association – Luis Emilio Rodríguez, is undeniably very well suited for this new role.

Arturo Villanueva, Ramón A. Menendez and Roberto Henry

Since taking control this past August, the Dominican Republic’s new President, Danilo Medina, who describes the tourism sector as a “locomotora de la economía” (driving force of the economy). has already implemented policies in support of the future growth of the industry. Now with a newly appointed Board of Directors, ASONAHORES with Luis Emilio Rodriguez at its head, is ready to lead the sector towards an even brighter future – with their primary aim to welcome 10million tourists to the country within the next 10 years.
“This is an excellent moment. The best our association has had and we have decided to become very active in this scenario, to go as far as we can. Some may consider that the goal of having 10 million tourists flying into the country in the following 10 years is very ambitious. However, we don’t see it that way… everything we do in order to reach this goal in conjunction with the government will be greatly positive for the country, for our economy and our tourism.”

— Luis Emilio Rodríguez Amiama, President at ASONAHORES

Official ceremony of ASONAHORES new board of directors

Congratulations to the ASONAHORES new board of directors:

ASONAHORES Board of Directors President: Luis Emilio Rodríguez 1st Vice-president: Ventura Serra 2nd Vice-president: Paola Rainieri de Díaz 3rd Vice-president: María Vásquez 4th Vice-president: Juan Bancalari Treasurer: Polibio Schiffino Vice Treasurer: Joel Santos Secretary: Luis José Cabral Vice-secretary: Jesús Almanzar Regional directors: Rafael Blanco Tejera, Analie Prieto, Francisco Castillo, Jesús Durán, Fernando Gómez y Augusto Sánchez.
Congratulations Luis Emilio Rodríguez! We wish you success in this new task! Here we share a selection of photos taken during the official announcement of the new board of directors of the Dominican Republic’s Hotels and Tourism Association: