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Lost doggies! 2 black dachshunds


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dachshundGood morning Casa de Campo friends! Last night I found 2 lost doggies, and this morning they are still lost so please keep reading to help us get this cute pups back to their owners. 

FOUND! Another Casa de Campo Living success story! The two dachshunds who we now know are called Nina and Pinta have both been safely returned home!

Last night at about 10:30pm, Philip and I were driving home, and just as we passed the security onto the main Altos de Chavon road, 2 black dachshunds (with brown faces) ran out from the left hand side (the Las Canas area) and into the road. We stopped, and the girl dachshund jumped right into the car, unfortunately we never got close enough to the other to know if it was a boy or girl. Despite our best efforts to capture him for more than 30 minutes, he ran off and disappeared.

dachshundAfter that we helped the security take the girl dachshund to the security offices behind the Casa de Campo hotel – and she is still there this morning. She is OK, but I am sure she wants to go home!

As far as we know the other one has still not been found.

If you know the owners of these dogs please let them know to call (809) 523-3333 ext. 5194 or ext. 5193 to get the girl back. Alternatively please be on the look out for the other dachshund which is still lost around Casa de Campo somewhere. Sadly the other one is not very friendly, so if you see him it’s probably best to call security and hopefully by then we will have found the owners who would (I hope) have better success catching him!

A note about collars!

This is the 3rd time I have found lost dogs, and every single time the dogs do not have collars with the owners contact. And no I am not a crazy dog-catcher lady – which means that there must be lots of dogs getting lost around Casa de Campo!

So if you have a dog, PLEASE go get him or her a collar with your phone number on it. Thank you!

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