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Lost dog… found dog! Needs a home!

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Dog 2HELP! This adorable doggy was lost (booo!), then found (yayyyy!!), but still no-one has claimed him! Booooo!

Here at Casa de Campo Living we are used to finding dogs and then getting them safely back to their owners, but never before have we found a dog and then not been able to find his home!

DogSo what shall we do?

Honestly we don’t know what to do! He is currently being looked after by Casa de Campo villa owner Jiovanka Bodden – who found him 2 weeks ago. But because Jiovanka already has 4 dogs of her own, she (understandably) doesn’t want to keep him.

If we don’t get him home to his owners soon she is going to put him up for adoption.

Please help!

Please help us get him home by sharing this post!

If you know this dog, have any information, or indeed are interested in adopting him, please contact Jiovanka on: (809) 756-3302

Jiovanka has taken him to the vet and had him groomed, so just in case, this is what he looked like before:

lost dog

Dogs need collars

Here at Casa de Campo Living we are very happy to help with cases of lost dogs – but we would prefer it if we could get these dogs home easier and faster!

So if you have a dog, PLEASE go get him or her a collar with your phone number on it. Thank you!

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