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Meet Mariella Matar – “Madrina” for Los Toros

Mariella Matar

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Mariella MatarAre you a Baseball fan? Well, if you are a Dominican we are pretty sure you are… and if you’re not its pretty difficult to be in the Dominican Republic at this time of year and not get swept up in the excitement of baseball! So in the spirit of baseball fever, here we introduce to you Mariela Matar, the gorgeous new “Madrina” of the Los Toros del Este.

Every year the local La Romana baseball team, Los Toros del Este (as every team in the Dominican Baseball League) names a “Madrina”. The Madrina is a female figure that represents the team for the whole year, attending every possible game to provide support to the players and to give a feminine touch to something which could be considered a man’s sport… but is loved by many Dominican women too.

Mariella Matar – Madrina of Los Toros

This year, Los Toros del Este named Mariella Matar as their Madrina. An outstanding senior student from Central Romana’s Abraham Lincoln School in La Romana, Mariella is not only beautiful, but is also an exceptional mathematician – she won the Olimpíadas Nacionales de Matemáticas (National Maths Olympics) for the last three years in a row (2011, 2012 and 2013).

18 year old Mariella Matar, daughter of engineer Ricardo Matar Camasta and Dr. Socorro Peña de Matar also recently received an important prize from the Listín Diario newspaper -for being the student with highest grades in the entire Dominican Republic – quiet an achievement!

Eager to get to know such a remarkable member of the community, here we bring you a short interview with Mariella Matar, the new Madrina of Los Toros del Este.

Mariella Matar

@cdcliving: How were you chosen to be La Madrina of Los Toros and what are your responsibilities?

I was selected by the Toros board. A deciding factor was my passion for baseball and that I am from this beautiful and touristic city of La Romana. My responsibilities are to give support and enthusiasm to our team in every single game celebrated in the Francisco Micheli Stadium.

@cdcliving: How does it feel to be this year’s Madrina and to be such an important figure for this much-awaited event in La Romana?

I feel an extreme happiness and for me it has been more than a dream to be selected as the Madrina of Los Toros. More than just an important figure of this event, my desire is to stimulate all of our fans that assist to support our team in every single game played.

@cdcliving: You were awarded a trip to Europe by the Listín Diario as the winner of the “Student with the Highest Grades in the Country”, how did your trip go?

On my trip to Europe I was able to visit important countries and cities. I admired in each of them their culture, art, monuments, gastronomy, etc. It was definitely one of the best experiences that I have ever had in my life.

Good luck and congratulations to Mariella! 

Well now that the Dominican Baseball Season is here, shout loud and proud “Aquí to’somos TOROS”… and click here for the Los Toros game schedule at the newly renovated Francisco Micheli stadium.

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