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“Live the party!” Camp Hope and Joy 2019 celebrates 15 years

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On August 2, the La Romana Family Clinic celebrated the end of this year’s summer camp “Hope and Joy 2019” which they have been organizing for 15 years for vulnerable children and adolescents of limited resources in the eastern region of the country.

The Hope and Joy Summer Camp is a safe and joyful environment, during which children and adolescents of the Pediatric Family Clinic program receive support, love, and respect from a team of volunteers, called “uncles/aunties”. Campers perform various activities such as painting, sports, music, dramas, games and crafts, whose purpose is to strengthen their skills and self-confidence to have a healthy life. Fifty-two campers participated in the camp in Jarabacoa this year, under the slogan “Live The Party” celebrating the camp’s fifteenth anniversary.

The last day of camp they hosted a great talent show during which campers and “uncles/aunties”, dressed in allegorical attire to the theme of the year, demostrating their great joy with singing, theater, and dance. A look of pure joy reflected on the campers face when they start talking about their experiences at the camp. With their energy and joy, it is difficult to imagine what that they live daily with the many precariousness and complex family environments. Upon returning from camp, campers gave emotional testimonies about how important the camp has been in their lives. One of the campers commented: “It was excellent. I was able to develop in many things. Before I did not know how to express myself. Thanks to the camp I was able to overcome my shyness and learn to express myself. Apart from that, I learned many things that will help me in my daily life. ”

Thanks to the fundraising work and promotional campaigns, we were able to raise the funds required for the camp. It fills us with satisfaction since each year a greater number of people and sponsors, both local and international, are sensitized and identified with the celebration of this activity and the importance and need for our children and adolescents to attend the Hope and Joy summer camp. We have already started our fundraising campaign for the 2020 camp and invite you to join and be part of it.

Our gratitude forever to the following institutions that made the camp possible this year 2019, including: International Women’s Club, Children’s Global Health Fund, Autozama, Pricesmart, Bionuclear, Deloitte, Fundación de Valle, Grupo Ramos, Banco BHD Leon, Empresa Los Ángeles, Asociación Cibao de Ahorros y Préstamos, Asociación Romana de Ahorros y Préstamos, Dielara, C por A, Oficentro Rosa, Colgate, Agua El Edén, Impresos Castro, Farma 2B, RB News La Romana Bayahibe and Regalando una Sonrisa, in addition to all people who donated.

Information and photos courtesy of the La Romana Family Clinic


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